Your Privacy Is Our Priority: We, The Inventive leads, thank you for using our services. We wish to inform you that we are committed to complying with the act in association with the personal and sensitive information that we may collect from you, therefore, read through our Privacy Policy before you engage with us.

Our Privacy Policy defines how we gather, utilize, and protect the personal information you provide to us on this site. If you ever wonder about our policy, it’s always worthwhile to consult this page. Here you’ll find information about what kind of data we collect from you and how we use them.

Below mentioned is how we secure your privacy:

1.     We gather information about you to provide you with the best possible service. We gather and store only the relevant amount of information about you.

2.     Any information used in the search process is deleted after submitting your application. Your information is not shared with any third parties and stays only with us.

3.     We value your trust, and to keep it, we’ll try to explain everything most politely.

Types of Information that we gather from you:

Below mentioned are the categories of data that we may gather from you:

·        We assemble personal information that may contain data like; name, postal address and email information, contact numbers, status, DOB, educational qualifications, employment, passport information, the evidence necessary for visa application, etc.

·        We gather information about those who investigate study opportunities or want to continue their studies abroad.

·        We gather information about those involved with our visa application services (student visas, skilled migration visas, or post-study work visas).

·        We may also assemble personal information for attending the event. When an individual gets themselves registered for a session or an event.

What do we do?

At Inventive Leads, we strive to provide our customers with the best educational consultation and coordinate their study abroad experiences. In addition, we are a resource for visa and immigration needs from our offices in Lahore, Pakistan. As an internationally recognized leader in educational consulting services and student visa processing, we provide services for students seeking scholarships, professors conducting research, professionals seeking a new career opportunity, and individuals intending to immigrate permanently or migrate temporarily. We are devoted to providing students with a comprehensive management assistance service that encourages academic excellence and offers people the right amount of freedom and flexibility prioritized above everything else.

Global Educational Counselling:

We deliver services to assist with international study, consisting of the application process, visa help, Career advisory, assistance in the identification of the most relevant scholarships, IELTS, assistance in building a winning resume, academic counseling, and seminars.

When a student registers through our website for international study or receives any of our services, we will accumulate their personal information such as name, email, address, birthdate, education qualification, interested program, preferred location, and country. We also gather data about how students find us to make our marketing efficient.

The reason why we assemble and gather personal information:

·        To help you find the perfect and best match opportunity to study at famous and notable universities in the united kingdom, USA, Sweden, Malaysia, Australia, Dubai, Turkey, Hungary, and Canada.

·        To provide our students with relevant information about their study opportunities and shortlist the alternatives according to their background information.

·        To present the best application to your dream university to increase your selection chances and get an offer letter.

·        To review and match the provided documents with the statement of purpose.

·        Get expert responses and endorsements on your experience.

·        To analyze the individual’s visa history