Canada visit visa from Pakistan

You will require a Canada visit visa from Pakistan to enter Canada as a traveler. If your visiting visa is accepted, you will be granted short residency status in Canada. The High Commission of Canada grants the visa after the completion of necessary documents. However, there are some points that people should be aware of in order to determine whether they are eligible or not for a visit visa.

A Canada visit visa from Pakistan normally takes around ten to thirty-five days to process.

Where can I apply for a visit visa to Canada in Pakistan?

To obtain a Canada visit visa from Pakistan, you must go to the Canada Visa Registration Offices in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. The biometric procedure of all the candidates is also essential.

Types of Canada visit visas:

Following are the types of Canada visit visas:

Multiple entry visit visa:

The visa allows anyone to travel to Canada several times within a set period of time.

Single-entry visitor visa:

This type of Canadian visa is available to anyone who wishes to travel to Canada only one time.

Family visit visa:

If you want to visit one of your family members or friends in Canada, you will need to register for the Canada family visit visa.

Super Visit Visa:

This type of visa is only for people who want to travel with their kids or grandkids.

Canadian Business visit visa:

This visa type is for business travelers who wish to visit Canada. The candidate will demonstrate the connection to a potential Canadian firm.

Eligibility criteria for Canada visit visa from Pakistan

The fundamental requirements for obtaining a Canada visit visa from Pakistan are:

  • The candidate’s age must be over 18.
  • A visa that is acceptable for at least 6 months.
  • There should be no criminal record, breaches of human rights, or charges relating to migration.
  • A passport approved by the government
  • The applicant should have sufficient finances
  • Have sufficient connections to Pakistan (relatives, employment, institution, etc.) to persuade visa agents that the candidate would depart Canada at the end of the stay.

Specific requirements

Besides the entry requirements, there are certain additional conditions to meet in addition to applying for a Canada visit visa from Pakistan.

  • Airfare and hotel reservations detail
  • You must make a schedule for the sites you will explore in Canada
  • Moreover, if you intend to stay with relatives or friends, you must also include their contact information.

Who can’t apply for a Canada visit visa?

If you’re thinking about what makes someone ineligible, it’s because they are engaged in the practices listed below. The following individuals are not eligible for a Canada visit visa from Pakistan:

  • Engaged in a fraud scheme,
  • Health factors,
  • Participating in criminal actions,
  • Mischaracterization,
  • The one who breaches human rights
  • concerns regarding finances.

The necessary paperwork for Canada visit visa from Pakistan

Following is the list of the necessary paperwork for the registration of a Canada visit visa from Pakistan. This documentation should be in either French or English and may differ depending on the scenario.

  • Authentic passport
  • Completely filled registration form for Canada visa from Pakistan
  • A detailed travel schedule, including airfare and hotel plans
  • A bank as well as other income reports might be used as verification of resources.
  • Verification of identification. For example Id cards etc
  • The immigrant history of your visiting relatives and friends
  • If you’re visiting friends or relatives in Canada, you’ll need a statement of invitation.
  • If the applicant is visiting close family members like siblings, parents, and kids, you’ll need confirmation of your relationship.
  • Academic documentation (certificates as well as diplomas)
  • If your relatives or friends are sponsoring your visit, provide bank records.
  • Judicial records or official clearance credentials demonstrating that you have never been found guilty of a crime
  • a notice from your company confirming that you have professional commitments that force you to go back to your native country
  • Medical history
  • 2 pictures from the recent 6 months. Kindly double-check that the pictures meet the Image Criteria of Canada
  • Coverage for commute
  • The statement to the Canadian ministry describes why they must grant you a visa.

Application procedure for Canada visit visa from Pakistan

To get a Canada visit visa from Pakistan, there are two procedures to follow:

  • Online Application
  • Paper Application

Online Application:

Step 1: Firstly, to have a Canada visit visa from Pakistan, there is a complete guide and set of instructions. A candidate can find an E-visa application on the IRCC website. One can directly start the application process by clicking “Apply Online”. Follow the instructions and finish the application. Also, if there is a need for biometric verification, a candidate will receive a biometric application form. Hence, A candidate will need to submit the biometric application form by visiting the application center. This happens after processing the bill.

Step 2: Secondly, a candidate must have an arrangement for biometric verification beforehand. This is not required for everyone. Moreover, a form is produced along with a reference number after an arrangement is set. This form has important information about arrangements such as date, time, location, and other relevant ones. A candidate must wait for the verdict on the application and then check his or her CIC account for further progress.

Step 3: Thirdly, it is efficient for a candidate to reach the application center 10 to 20 minutes earlier. Few documents such as passport, arrangement form, and biometric instruction guide must be with the candidate.

Step 4: A candidate will receive a notification via email for his or her application. Also, He or she has to attach the original passport via a passport request letter.

Paper Application For Canada Visit Visa From Pakistan:

Step 1: Firstly, there is the complete information on visa permits on the IRCC website. A candidate must read the instructions guide carefully. Also, he or she must download the relevant application form and check all the documents. The forms are available with respect to the purpose of your visit.

Step 2: Secondly, a candidate is required to fill out the form electronically. Also, the form should be printed on high-quality white paper with no gloss. A candidate must ensure that 2D bar codes are also printed clearly. It is to be noted that no hand-written forms will be collected.

Step 3: Thirdly, an applicant should follow the checklist for supporting documents. These documents also vary with respect to your visa category. A candidate can also submit a waiver form if he or she is unable to provide any supporting documents.

Step 4: Next step is to pay the fee for visa application as well as for biometrics. The fee for biometrics is optional for a few candidates.

Step 5: If a candidate requires biometric verification then he or she must have an arrangement beforehand. The biometric verification facility is at the visa application center. There is no need for biometric verification if it is not mandatory.

Step 6: At the date of your arrangement (if mandatory), it is good to arrive at the visa application center 10 to 20 minutes earlier. Also, a candidate must have all of the documents. Such as printed application forms, fee payment receipts, passports, and all other relevant documents.

Application charges:

Do you want to know the fees of a Canada visit visa?  So, here’s how much a Canada visit visa from Pakistan costs.

Fee categoryAmount
Visit visa registration chargesAround 90 – 110 CAD
Prolongation of stay/individualAround 95 – 110 Canadian dollars
Biometrics for each individualAround 80 – 90 CAD
Biometrics for the familyAround 165 – 175 CAD


What if you fail to get a Canada to visit visa from Pakistan?

You need not be concerned if you are unable to obtain a Canada visit visa from Pakistan. Once you correct the complaints mentioned on the visa form, you may apply again. Though rejection would be upsetting and disappointing, the candidates can still reapply.

Mostly in the event of a rejection, the candidates have no idea what they “did wrong.” The applicants had provided all of the papers on the list, given all of the required fees, and filled out all the applications yet they still had to deal with this scenario.

Moreover, the Consulate sends a letter outlining the reasons for the cancellation. So, you should change your reasons and request a Canada visit visa from Pakistan again.


In a nutshell, there are multiple types of visit visa categories. Each of the visa category has its own sets of requirements. Also, not everyone can apply to all visa categories, therefore, one should be aware of specific requirements. Moreover, there is some necessary paperwork for Canada visit visa form Pakistan. And the good thing is that you can apply through both online and paper application. Hence, it is not a difficult procedure to get Canada’s visit visa and obviously it is worth of a shot.

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