Scholarships in UK for Pakistani Students

If you want to study in UK for free of cost in 2022-2023, Good News, the “British Government” and Universities of UK offer many scholarships programs for Pakistani students who are interested to study in UK. To assist you, Inventive Leads lists the top 15+ Scholarships in UK for Pakistani students.

Nowadays, it is in the trend that if you want to get higher education in UK, you have to pay a high price for it. UK institutions and universities are perfect examples of this trend. UK institutions are expensive but constantly rated among the world’s best institutions for the quality of the higher study.

But don’t worry as there are many scholarships UK for Pakistani students, which you have to get and grab your economic anxieties instantly.

Type of scholarships in UK for Pakistani Students

Scholarships in UK for Pakistani students can be distributed into two main categories which are following;

Governmental Scholarships and Non-governmental Scholarships

Governmental Scholarships in UK for Pakistani Students:

As an international study fascination, the United Kingdom sustains a solid awareness of global students’ economic problems. Therefore, the British government provides two large scholarship programs for international as well as Pakistani students which are the Chevening Scholarships Program and the Commonwealth Scholarships program.

Chevening Scholarships Program

This scholarships program is the central “state-governed” international scholarship program in UK. This program has a long-standing objective to upkeep students with great educational potential. The main goal of this program is to support international and Pakistani students with extraordinary academic potential. The chevening scholarships program was founded in 1983 and till now, thousands of students assisted from this program.

The FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) and its partners including institutions of higher education provide funds to the Chevening program. The Chevening program grants two types of awards.

  1. Scholarships
  2. Fellowships

Normally a “Chevening scholarship” is granted for a “one-year Master study course” at UK institutions and universities but it can also be awarded for other postgraduate courses. If you want to apply for this category of scholarship, first you must be a legal resident of a “Chevening eligible” country.

To be qualified for this scholarship, other requirements are following

  • Must have an undergraduate degree
  • Have 2 years or more work experience
  • English proficiency certificate

Commonwealth Scholarships Program

Commonwealth Scholarships program is a rich program of UK scholarships for international including Pakistani students ran jointly by fifty-three (53) states (earlier known as British colonies) and more UK is member of the Commonwealth such as it is just regarded. The Department for International Development finances the Commonwealth Scholarships.

Commonwealth Scholarships, normally, is granted for the following study courses;

  • One-year Master or equivalent courses
  • Doctoral degrees

A Commonwealth Scholarship shields all tuition fees, essential living costs, airline fares, and other expenses.

Till now, Commonwealth Scholarship is granted to the students of these study areas;

  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Applied & Theoretical Science
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Agriculture

UK University Scholarships for Pakistani Students

Moreover, except scholarship schemes we defined above, there are many other scholarships in the UK for Pakistani students. First, there are many scholarship programs, for which government and non-government organizations provide funds, planned for students coming from specific states.

Here is a list of universities that offer scholarships in UK for Pakistani students as well as international students.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

The University of Cambridge is one of the best institutions in the UK as well as worldwide, the University of Cambridge has an engaging bursary program for international and Pakistani students. The “Gates Scholarship program” is a chunk of this program providing financial aid for excellent overseas students pointing to join a full-time postgraduate study course at this institution. This scholarship program will bear all your studying expenditures.

Rhodes House Scholarships:

The Rhodes scholarship program is one of the ancient scholarship programs and the most admired scholarship program in the world. This program grants scholarships to postgraduate applicants who want to study at the University of Oxford.

Each year, ninety-five (95) brilliant applicants are lucky to get one of these scholarships. The “bursary” bears all tuition fees of the university and two (2) economy-class fares of the airline, one when getting admission at the university and the other to go back homeland when the availability of scholarship ends up.

Generally, Scholarships in UK for Pakistani students (international students) are harder to get, but at the University of Oxford, this hardiness is more stressed. Students, who want to apply for this scholarship program, must fulfill requirements that are essentials to have to do with their place of living, age, and study. As the University of Oxford is known as one of the best universities in the world, that’s why it has a tough admission entrance competition and you will have to employ an excellent academic background.

Moreover, the University of Oxford sets age limits that differ among different departments within the university. Generally, students between the ages of 18-28 are eligible to apply. As for the residency, if you are living in one of the given countries you are able to apply for this scholarship program.

Students from Canada, Australia, China, Bermuda, Germany, India, Hong Kong, Israel, Jamaica, Malaysia Kenya, New Zealand, Southern Africa, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon Jordan, Palestine, United States, United Arab Emirates, West Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

MBA Skoll Scholarships program:

MBA Skoll Scholarships are granted from the “Said School Business” of the “University of Oxford”. These scholarships are intended for the students of Master’s degree programs. To be eligible for the MBA Skoll Scholarships program, you must not be a resident of the UK. The MBA Skoll Scholarship bears all tuition fees and necessary other living expenses.

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships:

The “University of Edinburgh” awards 30 scholarships in UK for Pakistani students and foreign students eager to pursue a Ph.D. study course at this institution of higher education. This scholarship will bear only partial “tuition fees”. First, you have to apply for a “Ph.D. course” at the “University of Edinburgh” to be eligible.

Scholarships in UK for Pakistani Students from British Council:

Pakistani students who want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in the UK, can also look for an IELTS award, the British Council awards this scholarship. This British council scholarship is a partial one starting from “£3,000” up to “£10,000”. Moreover, Students, from every state of the world, are can apply for an “IELTS scholarship”.

Denys Holland Scholarship

The “University College London” awards some supports for international undergraduate students who cannot bear their education expenses abroad. The international students, who get this scholarship, receive money amount of £9,000/ per academic year and are allowed to choose how they have to spend this money whether paying living costs or tuition fees.

Bristol University Scholarships:

The University of Bristol grants five scholarships for Pakistani and international undergraduate students. The worth of these scholarships is almost £8,500.

Kingston University London Scholarships:

The International Administrative center at Kingston University London grants scholarships to all international students who want to join an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program in this university. This scholarship is also partial and its worth is £4,000.

University of Sussex International Scholarships:

Non-European Union students who want to get enrolled in a full-time Postgraduate program, at the University of Sussex, have to apply for a scholarship offered by Sussex University. These scholarships are awarded for an academic year and bear half the charges of university tuition fees.

University Prize Scholarships:

If you want to pursue a Ph.D. at the “University of Sheffield” you can easily get rid of its fiscal load by getting a scholarship. Every year, the university announces five Prize Scholarships for qualified Ph.D. scholars. This is a full funding scholarship worth £20,000 bearing tuition fees charges and other expenditures of living.

International Scholarships in UK for Pakistani Students at University of Westminster:

The University of Westminster grants scholarships for its Pakistani and international scholars who are looking forward to registering for a Master’s program in this university. This scholarship is intended to cover their tuition fees charges, living expenses, accommodation, and flight to and from London.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

A former US senator found this scholarship program, the Fulbright program is only on the merit-based and competitive scholarship program. This scholarship is also for students of Pakistani and all nations keen to join a Master’s or Ph.D. degree program.

International Undergraduate Engineering Scholarship

The “Nottingham Trent University” grants scholarships in UK for Pakistani students who want to pursue their Bachelor in Electronic Engineering, Sports and Biomedical Engineering. This scholarship is open to international students as well and it is a partial award of £5,000/ per year.

MBA Scholarships in UK for Pakistani Students at Brunel University:

The “University of Brunel”, London grants scholarships to Pakistani students all over the world, who join an “MBA degree” in Business Administration. This scholarship is a partial award worth about £6,420.

Cardiff University Scholarships in UK for Pakistani Students

Cardiff University also offers scholarships in UK for Pakistani students. It is one of the best institutions of higher education in UK and also a member of the “Russell group”. The University of Cardiff has a number of scholarships in UK for Pakistani students as well as worldwide. If you have an interest and want to get register in a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree program, at this excellent university, then we extremely endorse you chase a scholarship here.

Application requirements

The application procedure for scholarships in UK for Pakistani students does not comprise an ordinary set of documents. The scholarship application form-filling depends on aspects such as the type of scholarship you are applying or the organization that grants it.

A number of governmental-sponsored scholarships may have particular requirements to adequate while several have different ones.

Normally, as it would be predicted the competition in top universities, to get a scholarship, is ferocious. As a result, they might request you to submit more documents and forms than the normal routine, so the evaluating board will have a cooler job to choose the best candidates.

So, in the application procedure, before moving any further, it’s suggested to read wisely what the requirements are.

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