Sweden study visa from Pakistan

This article speaks about the details and procedure of getting a Sweden study visa from Pakistan. Sweden is perhaps the most demanded and magnificent country in terms of education and growth. The majority of the applicants are traveling to study in Sweden and improve their careers. If the applicants plan on learning in Sweden for more than 3 months, they must first obtain a Sweden study visa from Pakistan.

Rules for Sweden study visa from Pakistan:

In order to be considered for a study visa, you must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Applicants must enroll in a full-time study course.
  • You should get formal verification of your acceptance for a Sweden study visa from Pakistan.
  • It is suggested that you submit the 1st installment of university charges.
  • If the applicants are in Sweden for less than a year, they must have complete healthcare coverage.
  • Also, your visa must be acceptable for at least six months.

Where to apply?

You may apply online or at the nearest Swedish visa office. If you register digitally, the process will begin immediately and take less time because your paperwork is sent straight to the Swedish Immigration Authority.

The number of data in your application determines this time frame. Moreover, verify that your submission contains all of the essential documentation in order to prevent adding the material after registration. Go to the Swedish visa office in Pakistan to receive the study visa.

They send the visa verdict to you through the mail. You’ll have to book an interview and get the paperwork associated with the formal decision. Your institution will also receive the decision paper.

As the average processing period for a study visa is approximately two to three months, you must register as soon as feasible.

Application procedure:

Following are the points candidates should keep in mind when applying for a Sweden study visa from Pakistan:

  • Get the university proposal: Applicants should be enrolled in a course at a Swedish institution for being qualified for a Sweden study visa from Pakistan.
  • Submit the initial amount of the university fees: Students should submit some percentage of the course charges when applying for registration.
  • Gather your additional documents: Students need to submit a variety of credentials when they are registering for a Sweden study visa.
  • Electronic application: You may register for the study visa online. However, you’ll need to give personal details as well as attach relevant papers.
  • Submit the registration charges: You will submit the registration cost of around 95 to 110 dollars when applying online.

Tips about the application for Sweden study visa from Pakistan

  • When the candidates register their visa form, they need to attend an interview.
  • Schedule an appointment with the immigration office.
  • Also, make sure to carry your identity card and other relevant papers with you.

Required Documents:

The following are necessary documents for a Sweden study visa from Pakistan:

  • Photocopies of your visa that identify your personal details and the expiry date.
  • Photocopies of credentials proving that the applicant has Swedish medical coverage.
  • If you are getting a grant, you should show evidence of the amount and duration of the grant.
  • Evidence of enrollment in a Swedish institution.
  • Bank statements demonstrate that candidates have sufficient funds for the studies.

Financial criteria for Sweden study visa from Pakistan:

The minimum monthly maintenance cost for registrations submitted in 2022 is around 8350 to 8750 Swedish Krona.

You should be ready to demonstrate that you can afford to pay this price for the duration of your stay. Applicants must prove that they have funds in their banking account.  The account has to be solely in the applicant’s name or shared with his/her partner.

Processing time:

The Swedish Immigration Board makes the verdict on whether they should grant you a visa or not. The process normally takes 2 to 4 months.

Fees for Sweden study visa from Pakistan:

The price is around 1050 to 1450 Swedish krona for only one Sweden study visa from Pakistan.

Working while on Sweden study visa:

The following points are important to note while working on a Sweden study visa from Pakistan:

  • You have no restrictions on how often you may work on a Sweden study visa from Pakistan.  Your study, on the other hand, should always come first, and a job must not interrupt your academics.
  • You have to demonstrate your performance in your studies when you ask to extend your visa. You will not be allowed to pursue your education in Sweden if your marks deteriorate as a consequence of employment.
  • If you intend to remain in Sweden after graduating to live and work, you could renew your passport for 6 months to search for employment.

What should the applicants do if the registration is rejected?

Even though being denied a Sweden study visa is disappointing, it does not always imply that your preparations are over. You do have the chance to appeal if somehow the Swedish Immigration Board declines your registration for a study visa. The refusal notice explains to you what you’ll do to file an appeal.  The applicants normally have 3 weeks from the time you receive it.

You must explain how you believe the outcome must be reversed. Also, provide any additional information you have.


In a nutshell, Sweden is a lovely place to live. There are specific conditions to applying for a Sweden study visa from Pakistan. You can also submit the requests online, which takes much less time.  Moreover, the application procedure is very easy. You only need the necessary documents, and your application should fulfill the financial requirements. The processing period for a Sweden study visa is approximately 2 to 4 months. If your visa is rejected, do not be upset. Study the refusal notice carefully and file an appeal.

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