MBBS in Sweden for Pakistani students

MBBS in Sweden for Pakistani students is becoming a good study option. Sweden is known for its medical, biopharmaceutical as well as biological sciences sectors. Moreover, leading pharmaceutical companies with global recognition are in Sweden. MBBS is among Sweden’s highly desirable academic courses. Since it is known not just in Pakistan but also globally.

It is famed for its hospitality to overseas visitors. Yearly, thousands of overseas candidates from all over the world join Swedish academic institutions. Indeed the country’s top medical universities have earned worldwide recognition.

Reasons for studying MBBS in Sweden for Pakistani students:

Educational Medium:

Sweden conducts a 5-year MBBS program in the English language, and this makes it very suitable for overseas candidates. A US-based medical curriculum with innovative training approaches is also accessible in Sweden.

PMC authorized medical institutes in Sweden:

MBBS programs from leading medical schools in Sweden are certified by the PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission). PMC had also released a shortlist of authorized institutions for studying MBBS in Sweden for Pakistani students.

Top institutes of MBBS in Sweden for Pakistani students:

Sweden offers high-quality learning to all overseas students. Sweden is host to many of the world’s finest healthcare institutes. Overall eight Swedish institutes are in the QS field ratings for Medical Research.

The following four are in the top hundred:

No condition for entrance exam:

Sweden is renowned because of its simple enrollment procedure in MBBS. However, the main reason to pursue MBBS in Sweden for Pakistani students is that there is no need for an entrance exam.

Part-time job options in Sweden:

Pakistani students are able to work about twenty hours a week while studying, and the state fixes the salary for part-time work.

PMC approved medical universities in Sweden:

PMC had compiled a list of medical institutes to study in Sweden for Pakistani students. Green-listed institutes of Sweden are the following:

  • The Karolinska University,
  • Umea University,
  • Orebro University,
  • Uppsala University,
  • Linkoping University,
  • The University of Gothenburg,
  • Lund University

Cost of MBBS in Sweden:

MBBS in Sweden for Pakistani students is not expensive because tuition charges are low. In Sweden, the yearly university fees for MBBS is approximately 96000 SEK, which is almost 20 lac PKR.  Moreover,  extra expenses such as Passport, tickets, and entry, as well as dorm charges are added to the first-year student fees.

Job options after MBBS in Sweden for Pakistani students:

An MBBS from Sweden is widely recognized across the world, and students will have multiple work options in Sweden as well as in other European nations. Upon finishing their medical degree, the students focus on specialization. Dentists, General Medicine, Microbiology, Psychology as well as Neurosurgery are choices for all students. Surgeons in Sweden earn between 38,600 and 175,000 SEK on average.

Eligibility criteria for MBBS in Sweden:

Examine the criteria attentively to study MBBS in Sweden for Pakistani students. Also, different academic institutions in Sweden may have different medical criteria.

Following are the basic admission requirements:

  • prior experience, as well as
  • Entry test
  • Stay permit
  • Age requirements
  • Also, test results for English language skills

The application process for MBBS in Sweden for Pakistani students:

The registration procedure begins when students start checking for courses and reviewing the entry criteria, dates, as well as entrance rules. The following guideline is for completing the procedure of MBBS in Sweden for Pakistani students.

  • Students may register for MBBS in Sweden through an online platform. Only one form can be used to register for multiple courses at different academic institutions. You should, however, rate the courses in terms of priority.
  • Complete the form.
  • Moreover, assemble and submit relevant papers such as certificates, scores of English language skill tests, cover letters, etc
  • Send the form with the required registration cost.
  • Keep checking the progress of your registration as well as respond to any acceptance options within the deadlines.
  • Also, register for a residency visa to study MBBS in Sweden for Pakistani students once you obtain the acceptance letter.

Living costs in Sweden:

Each year, the number of foreign students studying at Swedish universities rises. When applying to a university in another country, think about the cost of rent as well as other basic needs. In Sweden, students usually prefer to live in student halls and personal flats. The charges of student halls might range from 2450 to 6550 SEK per month on average. Flats, on the other hand, might cost anywhere from 3450 to 7150 SEK per month.

In terms of food and transport prices in Sweden, the current average budget for grocery items is around 740-9400 SEK per month while transport expenses are around 550-710 SEK/ month

Scholarships for MBBS in Sweden:

There are around 175 scholarships in Sweden for medical courses. Moreover, depending on your educational history, academic institutions may give you excellent scholarships. These grants may be able to fund your university fees. The registration procedure for such grants is conducted online. This happens after the enrolment in your chosen university.

  • The University of Lund Global scholarship program
  • Umea University scholarships for foreign students
  • Linkoping international scholarship
  • Karlstad University Global scholarship program
  • The University of Gothenburg study scholarship

How long does it take to complete MBBS in Sweden?

In comparison to many European curricula, MBBS programs last 5 and a half years or eleven terms. Because it is a bachelor’s course students may begin it right after college.

Quick facts:

The following table shows the quick detail of the article

ParticularsOverall detail
Instructional mediumEnglish
Length of CourseFive and a half year
RequirementsFirstly, a college degree with at least seventy percent marks. Secondly, subjects should include biology
Overall University chargesAround 96000 SEK
Overall Living costAround 7190 – 8500 SEK
CurrencySEK (Swedish Krona)
One Krona19.27 Pakistani rupee
Worth of the programRecognized globally
Admission testNot necessary

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