study abroad in Sweden for Pakistani students

It is a great decision to study abroad in Sweden for Pakistani students, and the choices are nearly unlimited. What makes Sweden prominent as a study place? What differentiates it so diverse destination from other countries that you should go to Sweden? And much more…!!!

Let’s take a deep look at all these questions to study abroad in Sweden from Pakistan.

A short Intro to Sweden

Sweden is situated on the east edge of the “Scandinavian Peninsula” in northern Europe. The total population of Sweden is nine million (9,000,000) out of which almost two million (2,000,000) live in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

The official language of Sweden is “Swedish”. Since 1809, it has been a “constitutional monarchy”, and employed a “parliamentary system of government” since 1719. Regardless of its ordinary riches, it is a country made on people. That is why, today, education and knowledge are unique assets of Sweden.            

Almost 40 Swedish universities are ranked at the top, globally. Studying abroad in Sweden for Pakistani students is a unique and amazing adventure, and you will not catch such kind of experience anywhere else in the rest of the world.

Swedish educational institutes offer an open as well as exciting atmosphere, with strong support. This will offer you valued skills that you will not find in other institutions of higher education, across the world.

Life in Sweden can be a delightful and magnificent selection for people who want to live and study abroad in Sweden from Pakistan.

Why Study abroad in Sweden for Pakistani Students?

Sweden is very famous for its warm and friendly environment, especially it welcomes worldwide students. Worldwide students from around the world come here to study in Sweden for the best study abroad education.

There are more than 1,000 study and degree courses that are educated in the English language. When it arises to higher study, Sweden is identified to be among the best selections for Pakistani students. Swedish universities enrolled a lot of international students each year.

Although Sweden is famous for its study programs, it is also lavish with scholarships. There are many govt-oriented and university-level scholarship opportunities for students from other states around the world.

Students who want to study in Sweden from Pakistan may get scholarships from the government and private administrations, as well as university-level scholarships.

Specific government scholarships, for Pakistani students, contain the “Swedish Institute study scholarships”, “Visby program scholarship”, and others. Moreover, Swedish universities and institutions offered a number of scholarships programs for Pakistani students such as the “Halmstad University Scholarships”, “University of Borås Tuition Fee Waivers”, etc.

Each year, these scholarship programs are opened for students who want to study abroad in Sweden from Pakistan. Keen students can make sure their eligibility criteria and achieve a scholarship to study abroad in Sweden.

To study abroad in Sweden for Pakistani students, regardless of the institute, university, and the study program, you need to apply through the specific central way, official website.

Moreover, Student Visa is also compulsory if you are applying from Pakistan, outside EEA/EU. However, Students from EEA/EU do not necessarily and are eligible to apply without any obligation of a visa.

Educational System of Sweden

The higher education system of Sweden comprises traditional and modern university studies and professional training programs. There is a total of sixty-one (61) university colleges, universities, and, since, participating in the Bologna Process.

A three-level degree structure study program was announced in 2007which is following:

Undergraduate studies:

After completion of at least “120” credits, the “Högskoleexamen” diploma is granted.

After the completion of at least “180” credits, the bachelor’s degree (Kandidatexamen) is granted, which is equal to three years of full-time education. However, professional degrees courses in pharmaceutical studies, medicine, dentistry, psychology, architecture, law, and civil engineering could duration between four to six years.

Master’s studies:

There are two types of masters’ programs following two different degrees. The “Magisterexamen” duration for one year and the “Masterexamen” lasts for two years. Aside from this academic program.

Doctoral studies:

Usually, the duration of Doctoral studies is four years. It is a combination of theoretical coursework and research work for a thesis.

Scholarships Opportunities

There are a number of scholarships accessible to free study in Sweden for Pakistani students for any period of time. There are two main scholarships that you will find in Sweden that are “The Swedish Institute” and the “universities” themselves.

The Swedish Institute:

This is government support that works to boost international students including Pakistani students to come here and study in higher education institutions. There are many reasons for this, with the point that they want to help spread the universities and institutions in Sweden, and, moreover, they want to support increase the innovation and creativity that the state is so honored of.  It is only obtainable for scholars who are from specific states, also they are only for particular study programs.

The university Scholarship:

Throughout Sweden, A number the universities and institutes welcome Pakistani students to come for higher study. You just need to apply directly to the interested university.

The requirements will differ, but they might be centered on specific points of thing with

  • your country of origin
  • which year of schooling you are in
  • when you will be joining
  • what your marks were during your secondary education
  • In which study program you have applied
  • What are your extracurricular activities in which you are involved in?

Moreover, your concerned university will give you complete and exact information on what you have to know about these bursaries, including the application process, application due dates, and eligibility criteria.

Cost to Study abroad in Sweden for Pakistani Students

In Sweden, Pakistani students have to pay the tuition fees charged in the universities/ institutions. The cost of the study is based on the study program and the university you have selected to join. The cost of studying in a university is around “50000 to 120000” SEK a year. Moreover, Pakistani students have no constraints on doing a part-time job.

Visa Requirement to study abroad in Sweden for Pakistani Students:

To study abroad in Sweden from Pakistan, you have prepared all the required documents.

Here is given the list of the required documents that are essential for the admission process:

  • Application form
  • 2 copies of the passport
  • Educational degree 2 copies
  • University acceptance letter copy
  • Bank statement 2 copies
  • Health Insurance
  • Confirmation from the sponsor 1 copy
  • Visa processing fee

Travel Insurance

Students, who live and study abroad in Sweden from Pakistan, have an equal right to use the medicinal facilities provided by the region boards, local government, and districts administration. Depending upon where are you from and to what period of time you suppose to stay in Sweden, you could contact the “human services” provided to Swedish inhabitants.


Going to Sweden is not different from somebody coming to your country. There are many qualities that sort the Swedes very diverse from their European corresponding countries, even, they are not the same as those who belong to the other Nordic countries.

Swedes are very open and humble, which means that they are very modest and do not like to praise themselves.

They speak softly and do not get annoyed easily. They are, perhaps, the most peaceful people that you will ever meet.

Unlike other states, Swedes do not do work all day. They do work, but only sufficient so that they can spend a good life and take care of their household and their livelihood.

Swedes are much honored to be Swedes. Loyalty is exactly a vital characteristic of the Swedes. They love it and become happier when people come and enjoy their country.

Another interesting point you will see is that Swedes are more courteous in dressing. Unlike other countries, where denim jeans and casual shirts are considered suitable if you are in a public place but not in an official place, this is not the scene in Sweden. Most people will wear casual dress. This generally contains a warm shirt, slacks, and a jacket (if the temperature is very low).


There are many advantages to study abroad in Sweden for Pakistani students, out of which some prominent are given below;

  • Study visas acceptance ratio for Sweden is outstanding.
  • Study visa requirements to study abroad in Sweden for Pakistani students are soft and compassionate.
  • Swedish has a good academic and educational standard.
  • The early expenditure are the lower than EU countries.
  • A study visa is the coolest way to get a Swedish passport.
  • Student having study visa are allowed to work part-time throughout their study contract.
  • After completion of their studies, Students receive a “Post Study Work Visa”.
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