Complete Study in Norway Guidelines for Pakistani Students

Norway has its own unique status and takes higher education to a distinctive level. Most of the Norwegian Government institutions don’t have any tuition fees implemented to all worldwide students, does not matter from which country or origin a student is. This blog post covers a complete study in Norway Guidelines for Pakistani Students.

Studying in Norway for Pakistani students will be challenging but it will be paying experience. It will take you to a valued academic degree program, which will be an extraordinary addition to your resume.

To get complete guidelines and step by step process, we made a comprehensive guide covering all information you should know about from living costs to each other’s to study in Norway from Pakistan.

Complete Study in Norway Guidelines for Pakistani Students | An Introduction to Norway:

The Kingdom of Norway (famous as Norway) is a “Scandinavian unitary constitutional empire” whose area covers the western part of the “Jan Mayen”, “Scandinavian Peninsula”, and the “sub-Antarctic Bouvet” Island. The total area of Norway is 148,747 square miles (385,252 square kilometers) and its population of it is almost 5,109,059 (in 2014).

Norway shares the eastern boundary with Sweden (1,619 km long). One boundary of Norway has connected Finland and another is linked with Russia to the northeast. Norway has a broad coastline, with the Barents Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.

Per capita income is of Norway country which is the fourth-highest in the world. On a per-capita basis, Norway is the world’s largest producer of natural gas and oil, outside the Middle East.

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Complete Study in Norway Guidelines for Pakistani Students | Types of Higher Study Institutions in Norway

Norway is a leading country complying with the guiding principle of the “Bologna Process” in the European higher education system.

Norwegian educational institutes are managed by their state. In Norway, there is zero tuition fee for higher study, but for specific professional study courses and distinct programs, and certain private institutes can charge fees. Higher study in Norway is contained of a combination of both private and public institutions and universities.

The types of higher study institutions are described below:


The Universities in Norway emphasize research work and theoretical subjects such as natural science, humanities arts, bachelor’s, and Masters’s and Ph.D. degree programs. Parallel with it, universities also run many professional educations degree programs, including law, dentistry, medicine, psychology, and pharmacy.

University Colleges

The university colleges in Norway have an important role in distributing access to higher study. They offer professional degree programs of varying time duration, from one to five years. Numerous university colleges also offer master’s degree programs and also endure the right to grant Ph.Ds. in many subjects. The university colleges also take part in research and development (R&D) activities. The University Colleges also offer bachelor-level study within the fields of teaching, nursing, business engineering, management, and information technology.

Specialized Universities

These types of universities offer specific programs such as humanities, music, architecture, economics, sports, etc.

Complete Study in Norway Guidelines for Pakistani Students | Higher education system of Norway

The higher education system of Norway includes all the universities, institutes, and programs that are recognized. Since 2003, Norway has been ensuing the ideas of the Bologna method in the European higher study.

Moreover, all the higher learning bodies, mostly the universities, have to conduct researcher training as well as basic research through graduate-level educations and doctoral degree programs.

The “Self-accreditation rights” is the main factor that differentiates between the sorts of higher education institutes. Institutions are able to offer education degree programs without an external official approval, however, university colleges need to apply for external recognition for their study programs.

Complete Study in Norway Guidelines for Pakistani Students | Why Study in Norway from Pakistan?

One of the best destinations to study in Norway for Pakistani students. Norway is known globally as a safe and peaceful independent country that supports equality. It is also famous to provide a high quality of life on several sides.

On the Human Development Index (2018), Norway is ranked number ONE and has been also stated as the best country to live in more than 10 times according to the UNDP (United Nations Development Program). It is also graded in the top five of the nations with the top-performing graduates.

High-Class and Affordable Education to study in Norway for Pakistani Students

Norwegian universities not only offer high-quality education for Pakistani students but also offers free-of-cost education across all study programs. With state-of-the-art services, skilled faculties, and a good study atmosphere, following higher study in Norway can be a feasible choice to see the sights.

Medium of Instruction to study in Norway for Pakistani Students

There are two official languages of Norway, one is “Norwegian” and the other is “Sami”, the, there is a wide series of courses and study programs which are educated in the English language.

Not just restricted to teaching, the English language is also used at a personal and professional level. Therefore, you will feel good if you study in Norway from Pakistan. If you want to study in Norway in the English language, you can select from more than two hundred (200) master’s degree programs educated in English, and many undergraduate programs taught in the English language.

Picturesque Surroundings to study in Norway for Pakistani Students

You will get to experience the exciting outside places like Lofoten Island, Fjords, and the midnight sun when you get a chance to study in Norway from Pakistan. We have revealed just a few but there are hundreds of beautiful places to stay attached to nature.

Modern Society to study in Norway for Pakistani Students

The ethics and rules of Norwegian society are deep-rooted in the ideas of modernity and equality. Actually, the people of Norway are very humble, wise, and tolerant in nature. Even, if you ever get trapped in, they will be there to assist you to get rid out of it. It is an extra bonus which you will get if you study in Norway from Pakistan.

Green Initiatives of the Nation to study in Norway for Pakistani Students

This is what everyone appreciates the most about the government of Norway, they impose heavy taxes on harmful and unhealthy products like beer, cigarettes, etc. They also provide subsidies on healthy items and special outdoor experiences for free of cost to the international students and who come to study in Norway from Pakistan.

Complete Study in Norway Guidelines for Pakistani Students | Degree Programs to study in Norway for Pakistani Students

Norwegian institutions offer many degree programs and courses, few are listed below;

  • Accounting
  • Architecture
  • Biology
  • Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Construction Management
  • Dance
  • Economics
  • Environmental Science  
  • Finance
  • Fine Arts
  • Food Science
  • Geography
  • International relations
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine
  • Neuroscience
  • Philosophy
  • Sports

Complete Study in Norway Guidelines for Pakistani Students | Can I work while study in Norway from Pakistan?

To bear your expenses, you have to work with study in Norway at the same time. Although European Union students don’t require any permit for working, they have to register themselves with the police earlier to three months of their entrance. Non-European Union students will need to get a work permit and those who have a legal license are acceptable to work for twenty hours/week and full-time work during the holidays, for one year.

Remember it! After one year, if you have to renew your study permit, you would not be allowed to do a job just like the first time. So, you will need to renew the work permit and submit all the compulsory documents and forms to the concerned administration when you study in Norway from Pakistan.

Complete Study in Norway Guidelines for Pakistani Students | Admission process to Study in Norway for Pakistani Students?

Here is step by step guidelines for the process of admission to study in Norway for Pakistani students:

Step 1:

 Select the specific course and degree in which you are interested the most to study in Norway from Pakistan.

Step 2:

Check the criteria of eligibility on the official website of the interested institution of higher education. It is because each institute and university has its own requirements for eligibility. You have to meet these requirements to make sure that you don’t face any worries to study in Norway from Pakistan.

Step 3:

Gather all the essential documents just like:

  • IELTS, C1 Advanced, or TOEFL certificate to show that you are expert in the English language.
  • Academic transcript of all previous institutions and universities which will show your educational qualification.
  • LOR (Letter of reference), if required
  • A Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Step 4:

In Norway, each institute and university have its own rules and regulations. If you visit the website of your preferred university or institute, you will certainly explore a mode to submit your application for admission. After applying for admission, you have to wait for getting the “letter of acceptance” so that you can start your drive to study in Norway from Pakistan.

Complete Study in Norway Guidelines for Pakistani Students | Cost to study in Norway for Pakistani Students

In general, Public universities and institutes, in Norway, do not take any tuition fees. There are charges to register the “student association”, which also pays for the examination at the end of the semester. But that would not than60 euros (around600 NOK). Moreover, these charges also circle with them several other benefits such as counseling, on-campus health facilities, and cultural activities.

As the government of Norway does not give funds to private universities and institutions, so they have the right to take tuition fees.

Complete Study in Norway Guidelines for Pakistani Students | Visas

All Pakistani students who want to study at Norwegian universities will have to get a visa, which is in the form of a permit of a student residence. If you belong to an EEA country, you do not require to apply for a permit of residence before you reach Norway, but you have done so within ninety days (three months) of your entrance.

If you don’t belong to EEA or EU, you will just have to apply for a permit of residence before you go to Norway. All this process is handled at the Norwegian embassy or consulate in Pakistan or your country. If you want to get more info about student residence permits you can visit the website of “Norwegian Directorate of Immigration”.

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