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The Netherlands is one of the most peaceful and beautiful countries in Europe. It is an attractive destination to study abroad in Netherlands for Pakistani Students as well as international students. The Netherlands is the first country to introduce international study programs that are completely taught in the English Language. It is very famous for straightforward and innovative ideas of teaching which appeals to thousands of students, all over the world each year.

Country Overview:

The country “Netherlands”, which is informally known as “Holland” is situated in Western Europe. The Netherlands comprises twelve provinces, bordering “Belgium” to the south, “Germany” to the east, and the “North Sea” to the northwest. The official language of the Netherlands is Dutch.

The Netherlands is well prominent for its freedom, sovereignty, and sense of responsibility that everyone will see in every citizen of the Netherlands.

For International Students, the Netherlands provides a wonderful option of 1,600+ university-level bachelor, master’s, and doctorate programs, in the English language, in a diverse and multicultural atmosphere. You’ll be to study in a calm and secure environment.

A Degree received from any university of the Netherlands is recognized internationally and acknowledged by international employers. You will also be happy to know that the education cost is lower than other states in the EU (European Union).

The Ministry of Education (Dutch Ministry), along with the concerned administrative body, manages all aspects, policies, and rules and regulations related to higher education and its principles. Generally, in the Netherlands, Higher education is offered at two categories of institutes that are “universities” and “research institutes”.

Why Study abroad in Netherlands for Pakistani Students?

There are a lot of causes to study abroad in Netherlands for Pakistani students, few of them are given following;

  • Since 1950, Netherlands is the first most “non-English speaking” country to offer study programs which are taught in English language.
  • The study programs are planned, specially, to suit the study requirements of International and Pakistani Students who choose Netherlands as their Study place.
  • Due to its strategic, central location of Netherlands in Europe is known as the “Gateway to Europe”.
  • All well-known and capital cities of other member of European Union Countries area are within easy reach.
  • Berlin, Paris, London, and Brussels are all located within an hour’s flight from the Netherlands.
  • Pakistani students will see the largest number programs which are taught in English Language, approximately 2,100 study courses programs are available in English Language in the Netherlands.
  • The cost of living and tuition fees is much lower than any other “English-speaking” countries such as the UK or the US.
  • It is a place for different nationalities and multicultural people such as Chinese, Pakistani, Indians, British, French, Turkey, and all over the worlds.

Admission Requirements to study abroad in Netherlands for Pakistani Students:

To study abroad in Netherlands Pakistani Students have to meet merit-based requirements of academic to get admission to Netherlands Universities. Each education program has its own criteria requirements built on subjects, minimum grades, and entry test examination results. The foreign educations are evaluated by an independent organization named “Nuffic” which collaborates with the Dutch Ministry of Education. According to diverse academic levels of higher study, the eligibility criteria for admission in Netherlands Universities is given below:

Admission criteria for Under-Graduate Programs to study abroad in Netherlands for Pakistani Students:

Higher Secondary School Certificate or equivalent certificate completed with at least C grades. For some study programs related to Engineering, IT, and Medicine, minimum scores requirements would be higher.

Admission criteria for Graduate Programs to study abroad in Netherlands for Pakistani Students:

Admission criteria for Post-Graduate Programs to study abroad in Netherlands for Pakistani Students:

Four years of Bachelor’s degree and two years of Master’s Degree with good grades is mandatory to get admission at Ph.D. study programs in Netherlands Universities. For academic criteria, the university will require a motivation letter, research proposal, letters of recommendation, and a study plan.

If the research supervisor, of the degree program for which you have applied, appointed to the student is satisfied by the above-mentioned documents, then the admission will be granted successfully. However, an interview will also be compulsory before granting admission.

Scholarships for International Students:

Currently, about “90,000” worldwide students are studying here most of them have gotten State-level scholarships. Aside from that, almost every institution and university has its own unique set of scholarships arranged for boosting global students to get enrolled in Netherland universities.

Costs of Study abroad in Netherlands for Pakistani Students

For Pakistani students who want to pursue their dream higher education in the Netherlands, it is essential to keep in mind that your tuition fee depends upon the category of institute you will choose. Government institutions and universities, in the Netherlands, tend to charge minor tuition fees as compared to private institutions. Except for the basic expenditure of tuition fees charges, you will have to bear the expenses of living by your pocket as well. Your monthly expenditure of living costs will include expenses for food, accommodation, and traveling.

Visa Application to Study abroad in Netherlands for Pakistani Students

Now, the next step is to get information about the visa procedure, requirements, and insurance. It does not matter whether it is to study in the Netherlands for Pakistani students or move out here for research work, you will have a valid passport, visa, and permit for work. The main points, to keep in mind, are your nationality, the period of stay here (short stay or long stay), and the purpose of going here.

Short Stay Visa: It is for those planning to stay here less than 90 days.

Long Stay Visa: It is for those who are planning to stay more than 90 days.

However, there is a ‘Multiple-entry Visa’ that allows students to come in and go out of the “Schengen zone” until their visa is valid. Whereas the “Single-entry Visa” limits them to go out of the “Schengen area”.

Documents Required for Visa Application to Study in Netherlands for Pakistani Students

You have to start applying for a “student Schengen visa” three months prior to your traveling. Here is given a list of essential documents that are needed for any “short-term” visa application:

  • Two recent photographs
  • Completed two visa application forms
  • A valid passport
  • Travel “health insurance” policy for the entire “Schengen territory” covering with a minimum of €30,000
  • Evidence of accommodation during your stay in the Netherlands, such as hostel or hotel booking, rent, food, and other expenses
  • Visa fee payment Proof
  • Proof of academic qualification
  • “Letter of acceptance” at the university in the Netherlands
  • No objection certificate (NOC) from university or institution

Life in Netherlands for Pakistani Students

There’s a lot of fun student culture for all international students and for the student who studies in Netherlands from Pakistan. Each university and institute have a network of student communities that motivate and carry students together for academic activities, recreation, and sports. Students, themselves, run all of these communities and few of them are globally oriented. There are many restaurants, pubs, and other meeting corners where many students arrange their meetings and fun.

Public safety

The Netherlands is a safe country, according to international standards, with comparatively a low level of street crime and violence. The police are very friendly and cooperative and you always feel assured for approaching them for assistance.

You can talk to them in the English language because they are fairly fluent in the English language. Even, if they are unable to understand the English language, they will arrange a translator for you.

Emergency services

 There is an emergency services line for free. Simply dial 112 to get any type of assistance from any cell.


To travel to the Netherlands, you do not need a taxi or car because the Public transport system is very well in the Netherlands. Public transport will take you almost everywhere you have to go.

Use Your Checklist:

When you get ready, take a fast look at your checklist and make sure that everything is at complete. Important things, you need to keep-in-mind, are given below;

Find a program to study abroad in Netherlands from Pakistan.

Do you have your TOEFL or IELTS?

Meet the eligibility requirements to study abroad in Netherlands from Pakistan.

Hunt a scholarship.

Permit and Visa to study abroad in Netherlands from Pakistan.

All required accommodation and health insurance.

Find and arrange accommodation before you start your study abroad in Netherlands from Pakistan.

Connect with alumni and other people on social media

 In the End:

Get in touch with our experts at “Inventive Leads” to study abroad in Netherlands from Pakistan.

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