Study abroad in Hungary process from Pakistan

This article contains deep details about “Study abroad in Hungary process from Pakistan” including the Background of Hungary, its universities atmosphere, benefits for Pakistani students to continue their study here, admission procedure, scholarships, and much more.

Hungary will stop you and force you to pay attention to it, several times on the internet while browsing for the most appropriate “European country for studying” abroad. It has been graded highly by a lot of international student surveys as a “much-loved study abroad terminus.

The universities of Hungary are delivering extraordinary quality education with reasonable “admission fees” for undergraduate, and post-graduate programs. These courses are presented in Hungarian, German, and English languages.

A person who has accomplished her/his degree from Hungarian University be able to apply for a “Nine months duration” resident card to search for employment. Hungary is a fully safe country, having an established economy, and Pakistani students are eligible to apply for a “PR” after graduating if they agree on staying here.

A quick introduction to Hungary:

Hungary is situated in Central Europe and acts as a bridge between Eastern and Central Europe. It links many of the traditions of both areas. However, it has its own unique identity.

Despite being a small country, Lots of universities across the country offer a number of programs that are taught in the “English language”. Through all educational departments, there are many study programs offered in the English language, for international students.

The Goal of Hungary’s education system is to become a leading hub for higher education. Hungary is known as one of the best places for Pakistani students to study here.

Hungarian universities warmly welcome a number of “international intelligent students”, in both perspectives, “exchange programs” and for “full degrees”, and are gradually providing courses educated in the English Language.

Why Study Abroad in Hungary from Pakistan?

There are many causes for picking a study abroad in Hungary from Pakistan and Pakistani students as a source to learn, but the most important motives for studying in Hungary could be enumerated in the following points.

  • To begin with the history of Hungarian universities and background as a member of the European Union.
  • Higher study and living expenses compared to other European-Union (EU) countries.
  • Diplomas of Hungarian are recognized and have a solid status in the world. Gradually, more international students are presenting to Budapest the “high standard of programs” with comparatively pretty tuition fees international, as well as reasonable living expenses.
  • As Hungary is a “Schengen” Country and is a contributor to the European Union. Advanced education allows scholars to relocate from one European Union University to the other. Thus, diplomas are accepted all over Fschothe European Union.
  • In Hungary, Advanced education has bottomless origins, with institutions in specific cases functioning for hundreds of years.
  • Hungary is a safe and peaceful nation where the crime rate is almost equal to null.
  • Expenses and Prices of staying here are relatively very low to the other European countries.

The current blog post is about the study abroad in Hungary process from Pakistan.

Admission Procedure for Pakistani Students in Hungarian University:

To get admission to Hungarian Universities, you have to have the following required documents;

  • An updated CV.
  • A motivation letter.
  • Copy of ID/passport.
  • Evidence of language proficiency.
  • Detailed mark sheet of records.
  • English translation of achieved degree/diplomas.
  • Two reference letters recent academic.
  • High school diploma/ Bachelor’s degree (to get admission in the graduate program)
  • Entry test (in few universities)

The candidates shall meet the deadlines of the application at their selected University.

Visa Process in Hungary for Pakistani students

It was hosting over thirty-two thousand (32,000), worldwide scholars, until 2019. Almost more than 50% of your visa process work is done after getting an acceptance letter.

The visa process for Hungarian students is quite easy and simple. He/she will request you for a “bank receipt” for tuition fee payment transfer, and other official papers, that are required, are

  • held in reserve a ticket,
  • a legal ID/passport, and
  • A health insurance card.

Duration for processing of student’s visa is within 60 days to “study abroad in Hungary process from Pakistan”.

Expenditure of Student Accommodation for Study Abroad in Hungary from Pakistan

Almost all Hungarian Universities provide residences facilities to students for one hundred and fifty (150) Euros/month. There is other private accommodation also available for the students near the Hungarian universities. Their estimated cost is;

  • 250-300 Euros is the cost for a private apartment
  • 200-250 Euros is the cost for a one-bedroom Flat
  • 350-600 Euros is the cost for Shared Flat
  • 600 Euros will be the cost of the Studio Apartment

You will have to devote 450-500 Euros/month for all-purpose living expenditures with lodging and living expenditures including transport, food, and entertainment which is a very low cost all over Europe.

Part-Time Jobs in Hungary:

It is a piece of good news that Pakistani students are permitted to work in Hungary for 24 hours/week. You have the choice to do a part-time job after getting enrolled to study abroad in Hungary from Pakistan. There are a lot of part-time odd-job chances in Hungary.

It is a well-developed country and employs a lot of multinational companies which provide part-time as well as full-time work to students.

It increases the worth of their resume and provides them with hands-on knowledge for their future profession.

The students having extraordinary skills like social media handling, photography, and content writing, can make a handsome amount of money to bear their daily, monthly, and other expenses.

Study abroad in Hungary process from Pakistan: PR Visa

The utmost noticeable feature attracting most Pakistani learners to study in this place is a “PR Visa”. You are eligible to transform your study visa into a work visa before it terminates.

The Hungarian Government lets a Nine-month period post-study residence permit to all of its international students.

Medical Health Insurance for Worldwide Scholars

Hungary is the chunk of the “Schengen area” that permits you to go to the European Union (EU) countries. There is one of the essential visa prerequisites is to have “health insurance.

Study abroad in Hungary from Pakistan with and without IELTS :

In Hungary, there are twenty-seven (27) universities that admit the IELTS test. The minimum requirement of a total IELTS score for an institution accepting IELTS is six (6).

On the other hand, Hungary is the Finest Place in Europe to Study without IELTS. It is one of the focal International Students and Tourist endpoints in Europe.

Hungarian universities offer 15,000 “Government Scholarships” to Study Full Time. All students from all over the world are qualified for a Scholarship in Hungary, -without IELTS.

Advantages of studying abroad in Hungary from Pakistan

Now the question is “why should you choose Hungary to Study from Pakistan?” The answer is

  • Hungary is the best destination to study, the presence that the state is a participant of the “European Union”.
  • The tuition fee is comparatively cheap, related to other countries in Europe. Also, living expenses are comparatively short paralleled to the other European countries.
  • You are able to study in the English Medium. Programs are delivered fully in the English medium however scholars must have to acquire the “Hungarian Language” to communicate easily inside the country.
  • In Hungary, as there are students from different countries, hence, students can mix up and understand other cultures.
  • You are able to study abroad in Hungary process from Pakistan without “IELTS”.

How to Apply Study abroad in Hungary from Pakistan?

To apply for the study abroad in Hungary process from Pakistan, Click Here or on “Apply Now”.

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