This article is about how MBBS in Hungary for Pakistani students is a great option. Hungary accords to European rules, and biomedical education in Hungary is of the greatest caliber. It has a population of roughly Ten billion residents. Above all, it has 4 institutions that provide English-language medical programs. Most candidates choose Hungary because of the comparatively low eligibility criteria as well as university charges.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Hungary for Pakistani students:

Following are the reasons for studying MBBS in Hungary:

Tuition Fees and Scholarships:

Many people reported that the tuition fees to study MBBS in Hungary are very reasonable. Therefore, Hungary is the favorite country of medical students. The range of tuition fees is INR 10,00,000 to INR 15,00,000. Moreover, there are a number of scholarship programs in Hungary for international students


Universities in Hungary that offer MBBS have the latest modern technique and facilities. Hence, students get an unmatched experience of learning. This also helps them to work in a challenging environment.

Affordability of MBBS in Hungary for Pakistani students:

Hungary is one of the most affordable regions in the world. Daily expenses of Hungary range from 385 to 745 euros per month. This cost is relevant for big cities. However, if you are living in small cities then it may even get lower.


This is an opportunity to study in Hungary for Pakistani students because most universities use English. Therefore, English as a teaching language makes Hungary more popular.

Top Medical colleges in Hungary:

The following four are Hungary’s finest universities that conduct medical degrees in English.

The University of Debrecen

ParticularOverall Expenditure
University chargesAround 15,500 – 17,500
ResidenceAround 1600 – 1700
FoodAround 2350 – 2450
Transport and recreationAround 900 – 970
Overall amountApproximately 20,350 – 22,620

University of Pecs:

ParticularOverall Cost in USD
University chargesAround 16500 – 16800
Rental chargesAround 4000 – 4500
FoodAround 2500 – 3000
transportationAround 420 – 450
Overall AmountAround 23,420 – 24,750

Semmelweis university:

ParticularOverall Cost in USD
University chargesAround 16,500 -17,600
ResidenceAround 5000 -8000
TravelAround 125 – 135
FoodAround 1500 – 1550
EnjoymentAround 180 – 200
Overall AmountApproximately 23,305 – 27, 485

University of Szeged:

ParticularOverall Cost in USD
University chargesAround 15000 – 15300
AccommodationAround 3800 – 4000
TransportationAround 500 – 550
FoodAround 2800 – 3000
Overall AmountApproximately 22,100 – 22,850

Course curriculum:

4 medical institutions in Hungary that provide English language learning include 3 pre-clinical terms, 2 practice years, as well as 1 internship year. The teaching methods consist of  Lessons, autopsies, conferences, instructional videos, small group study as well as patient interaction sessions. Also, a conventional strategy for medical training is preferred.

Students undertake their practical rotations in hospitals, where they participate in combined courses in subjects such as cardiac, family medicine, gynecology, and psychology. The entire internship period is in fact spent in medical clinics and hospitals. Most importantly, the internships guarantee that all trainees have had first-hand exposure as doctors and are indeed aware of the duties of the healthcare staff.

Eligibility criteria of MBBS in Hungary for Pakistani Students:

Following are the required criteria of MBBS in Hungary for Pakistani students:

  • Firstly, the candidate must be at least Seventeen years old
  • Secondly, they should have completed college with a minimum grade point average of fifty percent
  • The admission test consists of MCQs in Biology, Biochemistry as well as English

Necessary documents for MBBS in Hungary:

The essential documents necessary for enrollment into MBBS in Hungary for Pakistani students are listed below:

  • Certificate of completion
  • Payment of registration charges
  • Bank records
  • Resume
  • Motivational letter
  • Pictures in passport size
  • Medical clearance, as well as
  • Conversational skills in English
  • Reference letter

The application procedure for MBBS in Hungary for Pakistani students:

  • Complete the online registration form, attach all necessary documentation, and submit the registration charges.
  • Routinely check your emails
  • Your documents will be assessed once you upload the application, and you’d be requested to sit an admission test.
  • Pay for the admission test on time.
  • Moreover, the applicant will get the Acceptance Letter if he/she is selected.
  • Your seat is secured once the fee is paid.

Schedule a meeting with the Hungarian Embassy and show the Acceptance Letter and confirmation of course payment.

Admissions exam of MBBS in Hungary for Pakistani students:

Candidates for the medical programs of Semmelweis, Pécs, and Szeged all take a similar test. This consists of a written and verbal examination that is used to examine the candidates’ grip on English as well as their technical knowledge. The theoretical part consists of MCQs, while the verbal part consists of an interview.

Debrecen’s test is quite the same, except it includes a mix of MCQs, brief questions as well as numericals.  Debrecen additionally provides a basic medical program for candidates who do not pass the theoretical test.

Cost of living in Hungary for Pakistani students:

The cost of living in Hungary for Pakistani students is far less than living in any other European country. Therefore, 700 to 750 euros is enough to live a healthy life. This is approximately $900 to $950 USD per month. However, Budapest is a little expensive. In order to get admission in Budapest, you should have more funds to support your studies.

Working options for Pakistani students:

Pakistani Students are permitted to work about twenty-four hours per week in Hungary. There are several part-time career opportunities. It is an industrialized state with several international corporations that hire students as interns.


On the whole, if you pursue MBBS in Hungary, then you would receive a degree that is recognized all across the European Union. Annually, around  800 to 900 overseas students are accepted into English-language medicine programs at Hungarian top institutes. MBBS in Hungary for Pakistani students is definitely worthwhile.

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