Hungary study visa from Pakistan

Pakistani students need a Hungary study visa from Pakistan and a residence permit in order to reside in the state to complete their degree while studying in Hungary. The Hungary study visa requirements differ and it’s vital to check ahead of time to see what rules are applicable to the particular home country.

A Hungarian study visa typically requires one month to process, but it could take more time. So, register as soon as possible to prevent the additional delays.

Hungary study visa procedure from Pakistan:

Follow the following steps for the procedure for a Hungary study visa:

1st StepAccept a grant to pursue your studies at a Hungarian institute.
2nd Step Moreover, to schedule an appointment for the type D visa, visit the Hungary embassy or consulate closest to you.  
3rd Step Submit a registration form, identity card, biometrics, and a 50 – 60 euro payment amount to the consular office.
4th StepPresent the relevant evidence of your financial and academic history.  
5th Step The applicants may have to wait for a month for visa approval.  
6th Step Move to Hungary and get permanent residency in a month.  

Documents for Hungary study visa:

The following documents are necessary for a study visa in Hungary:

  • Visa registration form
  • 3 recent passport size photos
  • Letter of enrolment from the Hungarian institute
  • Your airline booking or price record may be requested by the Embassy.
  • Evidence of accommodation if asked by the Hungarian embassy.
  • Passport
  • If the Hungarian Consulate requests verification, the candidates must provide their original country passport

Working part-time on a Hungary study visa from Pakistan

Working part-time in Hungary while on a student visa might be tough for foreign students. The reason is that most occupations demand proficiency in Hungarian. EU applicants can do jobs in Hungary without restriction, however, foreign candidates will need to get a visa.

Working part-time for about twenty to twenty-four hours per week and approximately 60-67 days of vacation is common for foreign students. Also, there are possibilities for working primarily on Saturdays and Sundays. So, you can spend eight to ten hours each day to free up time during the week.

Hungary study visa types:

There are 2 categories of study visas available in Hungary (C type and D type):

Study for 90 days (Hungary study Visa Type C)

If the academic course or diploma expires in three months then EU/EEA residents are not needed to register for a visa. On the other hand, the non-EU applicants would need to register for a visa and in some situations medical coverage for traveling.

Study Programs Longer Than 90 Days (Hungary study Visa Type D)

All EU and non-EU students must register for a Hungary study visa type D if the academic plan is longer than 3 months.  In addition, you must submit for a permanent residency within 1 month of arriving in Hungary.

Residence permit:

The applicant must register for a residence permit within fifteen days of arrival in Hungary. This refers to both non-EU as well as EU citizens who wish to stay in Hungary for more than ninety days. EEA and European-union nationals must show the following papers for registration of residence permit:

  • Evidence of submission of university fees
  • Evidence of medical coverage, as well as
  • Statement of acceptance from the host institute in Hungary

The processing period for a Hungary study visa from Pakistan:

A Hungary study visa from Pakistan normally requires around a month to process, but it may take two months.

If the candidates have a university acceptance, they can register for the visa up to 6 months prior to the visit. So, do not wait till the last minute. Because consultation hours are limited, you might have to wait for six weeks to schedule an appointment.

Visa Support certificate:

After the submission of the university fee, the institution will deliver the visa support certificate to you through courier. Once you get the document, you must schedule a visa interview time and show these documents at the embassy.

3 things are verified by the visa support documents:

  • Details on the applicant’s status and university charges
  • Language skills in English
  • Moreover, financial details and lodging information

Hungary study Visa interview:

The interview for the Hungary study visa from Pakistan is in English. The applicant should have some basic insight about Hungary, the institution they select, and the course they might begin.

Show that you are a deserving candidate who wishes to pursue an advanced qualification in Hungary. Moreover, the Hungarian embassy will inform the applicant when a decision on a student’s residence visa registration is issued.

Successful students would be issued a Type D visa to Hungary. The students should get their resident visa from the Budapest Office of Immigration and Nationality within a month of their stay.

What to do if your Hungarian study visa is rejected?

It’s obviously disappointing to get your student visa denied, but there is no reason to lose confidence right away. The embassy must clarify why the registration was denied when the applicant receives his/her rejection notice.

Following are the common causes for refusal:

  • The absence of adequate travel health insurance
  • Submitting inaccurate travel documents
  • Incomplete form
  • Proof of finances not being delivered or being insufficient

Applicants can apply again and rectify the errors if they made a simple mistake on the form. It is important to keep in mind that you will have to submit the registration cost again. You won’t get a reimbursement if you’re dismissed. The applicants have the right to request if they do not accept the reasons for their refusal. You must write to the Hungarian consular.

Even though the appeal is accepted, you will normally have to pay an appeals fee that is non-refundable.


Annually, around 30,000 – 35,000 international students select Hungry as a study abroad location either on scholarships in Hungary or by themselves. For this purpose, the applicants require a Hungarian study visa. Candidates should get an acceptance from a Hungarian institute in order to obtain a study visa for Hungary. Students can only register for a study visa at the Hungarian Embassy in Pakistan before their departure.

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