The Pakistani students who aim to study in Canadian institutes must have a Canada study visa from Pakistan. It is quite a known fact that Canada harbors the best facility in terms of research and technology. The knowledge taught by Canadian universities is much appreciated in Pakistan too. Therefore, Pakistani students are attracted to study in these regions.

To get this privileged education one main hurdle for Pakistani students is Canada’s Study visa from Pakistan. The process for the application requires up-to-date documents and careful submission. However, due to the huge number of candidates each year, rejection is quite common. Thus for smooth processing, the student should know the common mistakes and their solutions.

Steps required for getting a Canada Study visa from Pakistan

Processing of Canada Study Visa from Pakistan is an easy procedure but it needs attention to detail. 10 % of Pakistani students make it to the list of rejections each year. Thus, the problem lies in not following the criteria given by the Canadian council. Here are some suggestions to assist you through.

Eligibility for Canada study visa

 A student for a Canadian study visa from Pakistan must follow this criterion:

  • Pakistani students of age 18 and above qualify if fully vaccinated. Below 18 years of age do not need to be completely vaccinated.
  • Enough monthly funds to pay for your living, food, and accommodation expenses. Moreover, you can also pay for your tuition fees and travel.
  • Display of good citizen character. For example, have no criminal records of any degree.
  • A student has general well-being. The applicant must have a medical certificate showing good suffering.
  • The student must have an acceptable score in IELTS etc.

Get acceptance to a Canadian university

A student applying for a Canada study visa from Pakistan will study in Canada on a study permit. After going through the checklist, the next step is to get a certificate of admittance.

When you get admission to a Canadian institution, the institute sends a statement of confirmation. This letter of confirmation is an important document. Without it, the application does not process.

Apply for a Canadian study visa from Pakistan

Selection for a study visa depends on the following points

  • A student has no family member in the foreign embassy of Canada.
  • A Pakistani student applies for a program that lasts for a year.
  • Also, if you are not a member of the military service of your foreign country.

For applying for a Canadian study visa from Pakistan, follow the following steps

  • Open Canadian immigration, and citizenship site online. Fill out the form online by attaching the required documents in soft copy.
  • If there is any glitch in the internet connection, the form will be half processed. In this case, it is preferable to have a reliable connection at home. Or go to the nearest internet café.
  • Attach an acceptance letter from the University of Canada in which you have enrolled.
  • Also, attach a bank statement showing your ability to study in Canada with accommodation and living expenses.
  • Proof of vaccination and good health
  • Besides, attach the proof of no criminal record
  • If any of your relatives live in Canada then the application process is very easy and rapid.

Apply for your biometrics

If you are applying for a Canada study visa from Pakistan, there is an important step which is getting your biometrics.

  • For this, go to the local visa application place and get your biometrics done.
  • The process of getting biometrics costs around 85 Canadian dollars. The local centers cost less. However, this fee is in addition to visa application fees.
  • Biometric appointments are booked before to avoid delay.

Complete the checklist of necessary documents:

The checklist for Canada study visa from Pakistan is below

  • A completed online application form.
  • Letter of confirmation from a Canadian university
  • Photographs (2 in number)
  • Passport
  • Bank statement showing monthly income between 10 to 20 thousand Canadian dollars.
  • Certificate of English proficiency test.
  • Documents to prove your ability to pay tuition fees of the university.
  • For studying at Quebec, a Pakistani student must have a letter of permission from Quebec. Moreover, you should also have an English and French translation of your documents.

Submission of application for Canada study visa from Pakistan

After completing the checklist. Press the submit button and your application process begins. After submission, the processing of biometrics begins.

Prepare for study visa interview

After completion of the application and attachment of documents, there is still one step to go. Not all students take this Canada study visa interview. Thus, the Canadian government selects some students for the interview. If selected, it doesn’t mean that you are in difficulty. It is simply a protocol to check if your documents are real. Following practices are good for preparation

  • Submit your application ahead of its time.
  • Improve English skills after submission.
  • Recheck documents and correct any misinformation
  • During the interview, stay attentive. Posture should be leaned forward and nod with an agreement in a discussion.
  • For the interview, prepare for a fluent conversation. Moreover, the applicant should have clarity of information.
  • Prepare the most commonly asked questions like why to choose Canada or why is your interest in the selected program.

Total expense on the application for a study visa

For the application for a Canadian study visa from Pakistan, there is a required amount for submission of the form. The total expense spent is around 200 CAD.

Reasons Why Canadian Student Visas undergo Rejection

The process of application and submission seems quite easy but there are students who do get rejected on application. Therefore, it is better to get full information on how to submit an application. Here are some of the mistakes made by students which made the caused their rejection,

No attachment of Letter of admittance

The application form is filled out after you have received this document. Some of the students don’t attach the letter of confirmation or attach a copy of the document and not the original document.

The problem with financial documents

Bank statements are a necessary part of the application procedure because they confirm the ability to pay the dues at their due date. The students are unable to show the bank statements having required credit. The uncertainty and fake documents may be the cause of rejection.

Having an expired passport.

  • A passport is important for traveling to Canada but not for staying in Canada.
  • Having an updated passport is important for traveling to Canada as well as for leaving after the expiry of a study permit.

Having a problem with identity documents

It is important to submit up-to-date documents which also include recent photographs and valid CNIC. The visa officer will match your documents and then let you in.

Staying in Canada past due to expiry of study visa

A student visa is a permit that allows you to study the selected program for a given amount of time. If by chance your previous record shows you as a person that will stay past the due date, then your application does not process. Similarly, any factor such as family ties that relates to your reason for overstaying will cause your rejection.

Poor Academic evidence

If the student has a previous academic record of failing tests, then the application is suspicious. For a Canada study visa from Pakistan, the applicant must have a good score on IELTS or any other English language test. If your score is not good along with academics, this might not do well for your application.

Responsibilities while on a study visa

Pakistani students on Canadian study visas must fulfill the requirements while on study visas. These requirements include,

  • If you change your contact or address, then update your profile information by changing it on your online profile.
  • You must fulfill the protocol of study permit if you are changing schools. This includes enrolment in a nationally recognized school/university. After this change your information on your online profile.
  • Moreover, if you wish to leave before completion of studies, then you need to apply for a new immigration medical exam.

Do’s are the following:

  • A student can study
  • Work part-time jobs, as well as
  • Be a part of the student union

Don’ts are following

  • A student cannot apply for pensions or government funds
  • Cannot apply for certain jobs such as being a sports manager or coach of national teams
  • Also, the student can not create his/her business
  • Be a part of political parties or engage in political argument

The visa council advisor also lists down some important things to do or not do while on a visa.


In a nutshell, a Canadian study visa from Pakistan is a simple process but one needs to check all documents before submission. Thousands of applicants appear each year, thus the students shouldn’t dwell on acceptance always. When on a study visa, students should behave responsibly. It is important for students to have up-to-date documents and original documents of proof of admission. This will decrease the chance of rejection. However, after following the guidelines shared above, the students will find no difficulty in accepting a study permit.

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