MBBS in Australia for Pakistani Students

This article is about MBBS in Australia for Pakistani students, Every year, the number of people studying MBBS in Australia rises by 15-20%. The rising number of admissions in Australia is because of the unique syllabus that is offered by various medical universities. These institutions provide budget-friendly yet high-quality and standard education. Australia has been producing outstanding medical experts, practitioners, and doctors throughout the country in recent years.

Medical universities in Australia combine dynamic practical sessions with a traditional teaching system to improve medical students’ learning environment. International students can pursue a bachelor’s degree and master’s level degree in medicine. Students have two choices of 5-year programs after high school.

The first is (BMS) Bachelor of Medical Science while the second one is (MD) doctors of medicine. There is a hybrid study plan as students have to study the first two years on campus while the rest of the years are used to serve in neighborhood communities and local hospitals.

Approximately 40 to 50 thousand eligible students from all over the globe apply for medical studies in Australia.  Scholarships for deserving students might be obtained to help them with their payment responsibilities. This shows that Australia is an attractive location to gain higher education specifically in the field of MBBS. Not only for studies, it has to be noted that this country also supports afterward. Hence, this is the reason which makes it even more favorite place.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Australia for Pakistani Students:

MBBS in Australia for Pakistani Students

This program provides a variety of advantages, including flexible teaching techniques, world-class infrastructure, globally renowned degrees, and cutting-edge technology. Due to expanded resources, significant research, and experiential learning, and is rated the best around the world, MBBS has a strong reputation in Australia. Students will be aware of the numerous job opportunities accessible to them and will be developing an awareness of their particular career path, including complete comprehension of the admission, education, and training standards. Because of their vast global ties, they will be able to address the possible implications for global health.

•         Medical infrastructure:

The country’s medical infrastructure encourages adaptive learning, technical training, and practical research.

•         English speaking country:

In terms of language, international students have no difficulties. MBBS courses are offered in English at almost all Australian medical universities.

•         Outstanding educational system:

Australia possesses a prestigious group of medical doctors who work as instructors in the country’s medical institutions.

•         Employment opportunities after MBBS in Australia:

Australia’s medical degree is internationally recognized, and graduates can find great employment options anywhere in the world.

•         Australia’s multicultural environment:

Australia is a culturally diverse country that welcomes students of all races and ethnicities. Studying in this type of setting can help you increase your understanding while also improving your practical and cognitive abilities.

Types of MBBS in Australia for Pakistani Students:

MBBS in Australia for Pakistani Students

•         Bachelor’s level (BMed):

With respect to Australia’s qualification structure, the undergraduate study plan is of six years having both theoretical as well as experimental courses.

•         Master’s level (MD):

Since 2011, Australian institutions have been offering a Doctor of Medicine (MD) program, which is accepted as an AQF level 9 (Masters level) degree, instead of traditional medical degrees. Eligibility criteria for a Master’s level:

  • MCAT/Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test (GAMSAT)
  • Undergraduate degree certificate
  • English language proficiency

 Once you graduate from either, you are called a doctor, and the opportunities offered are the same.

•         Joint course (BMed+MD):

Students in the Joint Medical Program achieve a Bachelor of Medical Science in the first three years and a Doctor of Medicine in the fourth and fifth years. The three stages for research are:

●       Stage 1: Medical Practice Fundamentals

●       Stage 2: Involvement in Medical Practice

●       Stage 3: Medical Practice Advancement

Australia’s top medical colleges:

MBBS in Australia for Pakistani Students

Admission to this institute is based on GAMSAT and GAT results, and it is a graduate medical school. A four-year degree program is offered. The course is about the basics of medicine and medical applications.

The University of Sydney:

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) curriculum at Sydney Medical School is a great foundation for a medical career. Their graduates provide the community with professional, thorough, and ethical treatment. In the year 2020, the updated MD curriculum and course structure was introduced.

Advantages of the new program:

  • From the second week on, you’ll have practical experience
  • Selective and optional studies are used for advancements in skills
  • Options for research
  • The year leading up to the internship

•         University of Melbourne

Among all, the Melbourne university claims to be the first medical institution in Australia. This medical facility is famous for its health-related research and practices. This institution provides a great chance to get enrolled in a 4 years MD program, The Melbourne MD, which began in 2011 as Australia’s first master’s level medical program, set a new standard for medical education in the twenty-first century.

●       Strong collaborations:

The Melbourne Medical School is recognized as renowned research and the medical university that has strong partnerships with exceptional public and private organizations and some of Australia’s top healthcare research centers. Our students’ research experiences will be enhanced by exciting new advances in the domains of cancer, neurology, and infectious illnesses.

•         Monash university:

The institute provides an honors degree in MBBS which comprises 4 years. This program is offered alongside another interrelated course in biosciences. Early exposure to clinical situations (metro, rural, and international) as well as case studies are emphasized. Monash University holds national and international recognition for excellence in research and teaching and is placed in the top 1% of universities across the world.

●       Program:

BMed / Doctor of Medicine is a four-year degree course for individuals who have finished their bachelor’s degree and are stepping in a professional career.

•         Deakin University, Melbourne:

Deakin University is a top educator with world-class resources focused on practical learning. It is one of Australia’s best institutions. It offers an undergraduate program degree that is of 4 years and includes clinical expertise and training in rural health.

•         University of Queensland

This institute is among the best four institutions in Australia. The University of Queensland is one of Australia’s most renowned universities, with one of the best medical education and research facilities. In addition to MBBS, the university provides a variety of post-graduate degrees and an undergraduate degree in Paramedicine. There are also collaborations with prominent teaching hospitals and research organizations

•         Medical Society of the University of Queensland:

UQMS (University of Queensland Medical Society) is a student organization that brings together approximately 1800-2000 students of the medical department at the University. The UQMS is one of Australia’s most successful student groups because it is extremely well structured. Its mission is to improve the lives of medical students at the university via leadership, advocacy, and community service.

●        Course:

Clinical Study and Clinical Practice are the two phases of the curriculum.

Phase 1:  Years one and two are built on large group lectures and a variety of smaller practices.

Phase 2: The professional training stage of the MD program takes place in years 3 and 4.

•         University of Adelaide

When compared to other Australian medical institutes, the University of Adelaide’s Medicine ranking is in the top seven, according to statistics from Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The final intake for MBBS was in 2021. It is now replaced with a new program, the Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine Program, which will begin this year with its batch

•         UNSW (University of New South Wales):

For the past four years (2018–2021), many researchers indicated that the medical study plan/ doctors of medicine is the first priority in NSW for higher studies.

●       Highlights:

A bachelor’s degree plus a master’s degree

This institute is ranked among very few institutions that provide admissions in the field of medicine. You’ll be capable of provisional registration with the Medical Board of Australia after finishing the six-year program and will be ready to move on to the next stage of your career.

Entry requirements for MBBS applicants:

MBBS in Australia for Pakistani Students

Individuals interested in studying MBBS in Australia must meet specific requirements.

•         Eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants must have finished their secondary and intermediate schooling.
  • IELTS score – 7.
  • The minimum age – is 17 years old

•         MBBS in Australia requirement for undergraduates:

  • Higher secondary school graduation from any recognized board or institute is the minimum requirement.
    • The minimum age – is 17 years old.
    • IELTS score of at least 7.
    • A specific test for international students – UCAT qualification.

•         MBBS in Australia requirement for graduates:

  • A student must have a degree in bachelors with prominent grades
    • Interview
    • Score of GAMSAT

•         Documents required for MBBS in Australia for Pakistani Students:

  • A properly filled online admission application form
  • All certified copies of FSc and Matric mark sheets, transcripts, and certificates
  • Application fees must be paid
  • The GAMSAT or UCAT score according to the program you are applying to
  • English language proficiency certificate
  •  Financial statements to verify that you can afford your tuition and living expenditures.
  • Several passport size photos
  • A medical certificate is required
  • Birth certificate
  • Your nationality proofs
  • Personal statement

Admission procedure to study MBBS in Australia for Pakistani Students

MBBS in Australia for Pakistani Students

The commencement of the academic year in Australia’s medical universities will be in the month of January. Applicants must apply four months prior to commencing an MBBS program in Australia. Following is the step-by-step guide to the application procedure for studying MBBS in Australia:

•         Step 1:

      Check your university status

•         Step 2:

Fill out the onboarding application

•         Step 3:

Upload the scanned files.

•         Step 4:

Make sure that you have certified copies of your paperwork, transcripts, and result cards.

•         Step 5:

 Submit the dues against your onboarding form and print it.

•         Step 6:

Wait for your application to be reviewed. Approval takes two to three weeks.

•         Step 7:

 After you receive a letter from the institute, submit an application for a visa.

•         Step 8:

Notify the University of your Arrival Date and arrange for an airport pickup.

Fee structure for MBBS in Australia for Pakistani Students

With respect to fees structure, the expense of Australian medical study varies from 200,000 dollars to 650,000 dollars. The cost of tuition fees in Australia is entirely dependent on the university you choose to attend and which degree program you choose. Following is the list of fees for MBBS in Australia provided by several medical institutes:

UniversityCourseTotal fees
ANUMS (Australian National University Medical School)Doctor of Medicine and SurgeryAU$340,572
The University of SydneyDoctor of MedicineAU$300,000 – $350,000
Au (Adelaide University)Bachelor of MedicineAU$460,000
The University of MelbourneMDAUD$322,742
Monash UniversityBMed+MDAU$318,800 – $398,500
ANUMSBachelor of Health SciencesAU$146,580
Deakin UniversityMDAU$255,200
University of QueenslandMDAU$324,608
University of New South WalesBMed+MDAU$490,990

What is the course curriculum for medical studies in Australia?

Medical Course structure in Australia for Pakistani Students.

In the first year, students receive clinical skills training from senior clinicians. Members collaborate in small groups to tackle patient-centered health and disease concerns.  From the third year onwards, high-tech simulation facilities allow students to advance their skills in a safe and supportive environment before beginning one-day-a-week clinical rotations in hospitals and other health and medical organizations.

Students work full-time in a clinical setting in years 4 and 5, which can be a hospital or a medical center. Students complete a one-semester pre-internship program in medicine, surgery, or emergency medicine in their final year (year 6). The MBBS syllabus in Australian universities covers all important topics. These topics are a fundamental part of MBBS and are almost the same throughout the globe, but these may differ from one place to another.

Let’s have a look at some of the major curriculum topics covered in the MBBS in Australia for Pakistani students. Depending on the university, the actual syllabus may differ.

First yearSecond-year
Bio-organic chemistryBiochemistry
Medical chemistryHistology
HistologyMicrobiology Psychology
Fundamentals of PsychologyEmergency medicine
Human AnatomyHuman Anatomy
Elective coursesPatient care
Internal Medicine Path morphologyNeurology
Path morphologyOphthalmology
General SurgeryMedical Psychology
RadiologyForensic Medicine
Elective coursesSocial Medicine
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Fifth-yearSixth year
Infectious diseasesGeneral Practice
OncologyElective Courses
Medical Genetics
Social Medicine

Scholarships to pursue MBBS in Australia for Pakistani Students

MBBS in Australia for Pakistani Students

Most foreign students aim to achieve scholarships in order to support their higher studies. Being a foreign student, it is advised to reach for a lot of scholarships. Australia provides multiple scholarships for different education streams. So, it is recommended that every student must apply for more than one scholarship. Scholarships can be offered through multiple channels. Therefore, explore as many options as you can. Some other nontraditional channels include residential schools, the government of Australia, foreign institutions or organizations, and some government-related departments of your own country.

 Scholarships can help with the following expenses:

  • Tuition fees,
  • Living expenses,
  • both

Following is the detail of some scholarships:

  • Global Excellence Scholarship:

Area/Subject – Bachelors + Masters

For undergraduates:

Scholarship amount / Year – 500 to 1200 Australian dollars

  • Africa
  • South Asia
  • North Asia
  • Middle East
  • Allianz Care Scholarship:


30th April


International students


 Partially funded




 Bachelors + Masters

  • ANU Doherty Scholarship:

Course offered:


Key dates:

Open for applications

Eligible regions:

Open to all nations

Funding type:

Partially Funded

  • Griffith University Remarkable Scholarship:

This scholarship is for the students with strong academic backgrounds who wish to study for bachelor’s and Masters’s in Australia


Covers half of the tuition fees

Key dates:

18th April for the semester that starts on 18 July

            5th August 2022 for the classes of November 7, 2022


            All nationals except for Australia and New Zealand

  • UQ Sport Scholarship:

Open to domestic and foreign students

Scholarship amount:

Approximately $1400-$1500


Sport based

Course offered:

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree

•         Australia Award Scholarships 2023 –

A fully funded Australian government scholarship. Which covers full tuition fees, living expenses, and fees for the English course. Health coverage for overseas students, return tickets, and academic support for research.

•         APEC Women Research Fellowship Program in Australia-

Women who are enrolled in this program of research are eligible for financial assistance provided by the Asia Pacific economic council (APEC). These are the candidates who willingly undertake such research and collaborate with Australian institutes.

•         Destination Australia Program –

According to DAP, the government of Australia encourages a program of mobility that motivates all foreign and domestic students to take admissions to such universities who are in remote geographic locations.

•         Australian universities offering scholarships:

Monash University offers Monash International Merit Scholarships for master’s Programs worth up to $10,000 a year for a full-time study workload (48 credit points) until the needed number of points is completed.

•         Melbourne Research Scholarships –

It is applicable to the University of Melbourne’s Masters/Ph.D. program. Perks like an allowance for thesis and relocation, living expenses are included

•         Adelaide Scholarships International –

For Masters/Ph.D. program, this provides full-tuition cost waivers, residence allowances, establishment compensation, and overseas student medical coverage. Post-graduation is of two years and a bachelor’s degree takes 4 years to complete.

How much does living in Australia cost?

MBBS in Australia for Pakistani Students

Despite having greater living costs than other nations, Australia has attracted a record number of overseas students. Overseas students need approximately A$1400-$2500 per month for:

  • Personal care
  • Clothing
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Rent
  • utilities
  • Healthcare

Getting a student visa: A step-by-step guide

Obtaining a student visa is the most significant need for studying MBBS in Australia. There are a few factors that assess the need and type of your Visa. These include your number of years staying in the country, the choice of your study plan, and the age limit. There is a mandatory obligation to study MBBS in Australia for Pakistani students to have a student Visa. This allows them to accommodate and learn for approximately 4 to 5 years. Also, it is vital to keep your Visa authentic with respect to the rules and regulations given. The Student Visa of Australia requires a number of documents listed as follows.

  • Photographs in passport size
  • Enrollment confirmation
  • A valid passport is required.
  • Fee for visa applications
  • GTE declaration
  • Academic certificates and transcripts
  • Evidence of English Language Proficiency
  • Evidence of financial capability (for tuition fees etc.)
  • OSHC (Overseas Students Health Cover)
  • For candidates under the age of 18, parental consent documents are required.

Best employment opportunities after MBBS in Australia

  • Medico legal consultant
  • Expert in clinical forensic medicine
  • Medical researcher
  • Professor in medicine
  • Public health worker
  • Forensic examiner

Optimum procedure for securing a job:

  • Permission from the Australian government is required.
  • Students might work as trainers on placements provided by the college.
  • There are multiple online platforms that can assist you to secure a respectable job
  • New trainee officials receive assistance from government hospitals.

Quick Facts

  • UCAT is mandatory for MBBS in Australia for Pakistani Students.
  • IELTS score – minimum 7
  • An internship for 12 months after six years of study is necessary for Australian medical institutes.
  • English speaking country
  • Australia’s medical universities provide both research and practical experience.
  • After completing an MBBS program in Australia, there are numerous job opportunities.
  • It is to be noted that more than 100,000 students are awarded admission to medical institutions in Australia and this number is increasing day by day

Students will get a firm understanding of the importance of high-quality research and will have the opportunity to engage with Australia’s best research institutes.

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