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To travel and visit the beautiful sceneries of Australia, it is important to have an Australia visa for Pakistani citizens. If you are Pakistani but want to go to Australia on a business venture, then Australia grants a visa for business purposes.

Australia is a place of comfort and scenery and who doesn’t want these two? A lot of Pakistanis apply to visit or tour this country. Australia also ranks among countries with stable economies and trade. Pakistan has established two-way trade with Australia. Therefore, Pakistanis have their work meetings within Australia. Applications for Australian visas by Pakistanis often register. Some of the world-famous universities such as the University of Melbourne are legacy to Australia. Therefore, students from all over the world apply for study visas to study in Australia.

Types of Australian visa:

The Australian visa for Pakistani people is broadly classified into two categories

  • Visitor visa
  • Study visas

Visitor Visa:

A Pakistani applies for a visitor visa when the duration of stay is less than a year. The application request is by both students from Pakistan and Australia. The duration of a visitor visa ranges from 4 to 6 months and it changes according to the purpose of the visit or personal circumstances.

The visitor visa further divides into 2 further classes on the basis of the purpose of the visit

Australian tourist visa

To be able to visit the beautiful sites of Australia or to visit one’s family, the primary requirement is to select the type of visa. The visa in such situations is a tourist stream visa.

Australian business visiting visa

This Australia visa for Pakistanis needs to fill their applications within 28 days of the opening of the portal. For attending business meetings, the visa of choice would be the Business visitor stream. The application process is a bit longer. Therefore, start preparing documents beforehand.

Australia study visa for Pakistani students

  • This type of visa caters to the stay of the student for study and the duration of it. There are many applicants each year and thus selection criteria are very detailed.
  • This visa is applicable if the duration is more than 6 months.
  • A student can study any type of subject and any level of education without specification.
  • For application, the letter of confirmation is most important for processing the application.
  • One differentiating point is that students can work i.e. have a paid job while on the study visa

General requirements of Australia visa for Pakistani citizens:

The Australia visa for Pakistani citizens has a list of requirements that tells us who can apply. Here is a general list of eligibility criteria

  • The health institute of government allows those candidates who are physically and mentally stable and healthy. Therefore, the candidate applying should have good health.
  • The applicant should have a certification of good character. This is to prove that the applicant has no criminal involvement and is a good citizen.
  • Candidates should have no ulterior motive for visiting Australia. He/she must fulfil the conditions of the visit visa.
  • No debts or loans are taken from the Australian government by the applicant or his family.
  • The applicant must have sufficient money in the bank to prove their ability to pay accommodation and travelling expenses.

Steps to get Australia visa with a Pakistani passport

The application process for an Australia visa for Pakistani people requires leg work. On a Pakistani passport, you can register for tourist and business visit visas as well as study visas. The period of the visit is 12 months for Pakistanis.

Entrance of request for application of Australia visa for Pakistani citizens:

  • The visa counsellors in Australia guide you through the process.
  • The application request is made from Pakistan.
  • Australia visa permit is related to my Pakistani passport. In case of loss of passport, the visa also becomes invalid.
  • A request is made for the application. It is actually your registration for application. The amount of this initial process is around 30 pounds. This is done online through a portal.

Make a checklist for all documents to provide

After registration, the proper process starts. The guidance counsellor sends a checklist of important documents according to the type of visa. The applicant is responsible for gathering all documents before the due date regarding the proposal of application.

For the Australia visa, Pakistanis have to submit various documents to ensure their purpose of visit and thus give validity to the application. Here is a list of supplementary documents:

  • Copy of travel document i.e passport. The copy must be certified and attested.
  • Details of the purpose of the visit. In case of a tourist visa, mention details of your plan of travel. In case of a business trip, the applicant must mention the details of his/her business venture. There should be no mention of selling and investment deals as they do not come under rules.
  • Bank statement showing monthly income to provide proof of funding.  The proof of your accommodation is also shown through a letter of invitation from the family confirming it. In case of a business trip, the applicant has to provide the documents showing proof of ability to afford the trip.
  • The travel permit is a document that will allow you to stay for a given amount of time. If by chance your previous record shows you as a person that will stay past due date, then your application does not process. Thus giving confirmation of return is also important.

Visa Application Submission

After completion of the application, the process of submission begins. For this, beware of the following things

  • The supporting documents should be authentic and approved.
  • Your answers are sometimes the cause of rejection, therefore check again for any misinformation.
  • Prepare the file and submit it to the Australian immigration office in your country.

Expense spent in the whole process

The total amount of fees given depends on the number of services taken from the guidance counsellors. Pakistanis pay all the fees to the Australian immigration office by hand.

  • The initial registration fees are around 30 pounds.
  • Further assistance from professionals costs an additional 100 pounds.
  • The amount for submission is around 100 to 150 pounds.

Biometrics collection

For Australia visas for Pakistani nationals, another requirement is to provide biometrics. It is an important tool for identification. The biometrics collected for the visa is a digital facial image and a 10-digit fingerprint.

Time spent on getting Australia visa for Pakistani nationals:

After submission of the document, the application is processed by the Australian immigration office. It takes around 4 weeks to process. The visa centres in Pakistan also provide facilities for applicants to track the progress of their applications.

Common rules to follow while on Australia visa for Pakistani nationals:

  • The government doesn’t permit doing any job on temporary visas.
  • The applicant can’t study or engage in workshop programs for a given period of time.
  • Moreover, the applicant must not be involved in any political campaigns.
  • The applicant has to leave Australia before the visa becomes invalid.
  • A student cannot apply for pensions or government funds.

Reasons for rejection of Australia visa for Pakistani nationals:

The process of application and submission seems quite easy. But there are candidates who do get rejected on application. Therefore, it is better to get full information on how to submit an application. Here are some of the mistakes made by students which made caused of their rejection,

Problem with financial documents

Bank statements are an important part of the registration process. It is because they confirm the ability to pay the dues at their due date. If the students are unable to show the bank statements having required credit. This uncertainty and fake documents may be the cause of rejection.

Having an expired passport.

A passport is important for travelling to Australia but not for staying there. Having an updated passport is important for travelling to Australia and leaving after the expiry of the permit.

Having a problem with identity documents

It is important to submit up-to-date documents which also include recent photographs and valid CNIC. The visa officer will match your documents and then let you in.

Staying at Australia past due expiry of the visa

Australia visa for Pakistani people will allow them to visit the country for a given amount of time. If by chance your previous record shows you as a person that will stay past the due date, then your application does not process. Similarly, any factor such as family ties that relates to your reason for overstaying will cause your rejection.


In a nutshell, it is important for Pakistani applicants to carefully apply for a visa. The process is easy as discussed above. This article has explained the causes of rejection which will help applicants to minimise them. Moreover, Students should be on their best behaviour when on study visas. It is important for applicants to have up-to-date as well as original documents of proof of admission. The applicants applying for a visit visa should also carefully provide details of their plans.

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