Chevening scholarships

The Chevening scholarships are among the most admired scholarships available for studying abroad in the UK. Since 1959, it has been one of the significant sources of funding for academically gifted scholars under the Colvin Educational Trust.

To pursue their higher education at a good university, most students consider the UK the top priority since the average fee for a UK Master’s program is over £15,000, making it unaffordable for most students. Many scholarships are not only being offered by the university but by the UK government as well.

FCO, in collaboration with their partner organizations, provides Chevening Scholarships. The Chevening scholarship aims to empower talented, visionary, and outstanding students in their respective fields of study or work who cannot pursue their studies otherwise. In the UK, Chevening Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships available; unlike other scholarships, Chevening Scholarship provides a fully-funded scholarship for deserving candidates.

The Chevening scholarship is a program offered by the UK government that offers one year of total funding for master’s degrees in the UK. Sponsors of the scholarship include the Commonwealth, the Foreign and Development Office, and other organizations. 

The Chevening Scholarships for Pakistani Students:

The Chevening Scholarships are not a recent development but have been around for several years now. Chevening scholarships for Pakistan are available for students who want to study at a British University and those who wish to pursue postgraduate studies in any department of the United Kingdom’s universities. The statistics show that The Chevening Scholarships have been awarded to more Pakistani students than any other British Government-sponsored scholarship scheme.

The Chevening scholarship for Pakistan has two streams. The first stream facilitates educational and professional development by supporting Pakistani students and professionals to study and gain experience in the UK. The second stream offers a similar opportunity to citizens of other Commonwealth countries. The third stream focuses on supporting public sector and non-profit leaders in Pakistan.

Eligibility Criteria for the Chevening Scholarships:

The Chevening Scholarship Program is a UK government initiative that provides a scholarship in UK for citizens of eligible countries to pursue a Master’s or MPhil degree at an overseas university. It can be used to study in any subject area at any accredited university. The scholarship is open to all Chevening Scholars, regardless of their financial situation.

The Chevening Scholarship Program covers full annual tuition fees for up to two years. In addition to financial support, Chevening Scholars are also given several other benefits, such as professional development opportunities and networking opportunities with professors and other professionals from around the world.

Each year the Government of the UK offers over 1,800 fully-funded scholarships for underdeveloped and developing countries. The number of scholarships being offered for each country varies depending on the country’s growth and the education provided by the local universities. You can find the complete list of eligible countries for Chevening Scholarship 2023 through the Chevening website. To qualify for Chevening Scholarship, students must complete the following points.

1.     Applicant must be a citizen of an eligible country of Chevening scholarships.

2.     The applicant should apply for a Master’s or MPhil Degree Program.

3.     The applicant is applying for a full-time Master’s or MPhil Program; the course duration should not exceed or succeed one year.

4.     The applicant has completed the undergraduate degree equivalent to an upper second class 2:1 honors degree in the UK.

5.     Applicant should have at least two years of work experience in a relevant field.

6.     The applicant has applied to three different university courses and has received at least one unconditional offer letter for one of the courses applied.

7.     The applicant must be able to return to their own country for at least two years after the competition for the Chevening award.

8.     The applicant should not be a British citizen or hold a dual British Nationality.

9.     The applicant should not be an employee, former employee, or relative of a current or former employee of her Majesty’s Government.

10.  Applicants who are employees, former employees, or relatives of a current or a former employee of the Chevening Partner Organisation can also apply. However, they cannot receive a Chevening Partner award from the organization they or their relatives work in.

Selection Process of the Chevening Scholarships:

The selection process is a two parts process with an application procedure and an interview. The application procedure lasts for approximately three months and includes completing various administration tasks to be submitted at the beginning of the program. A shortlist of applicants is chosen as semi-finalists who have to complete an in-person interview successfully. Semi-Finalists will be selected based on their academic achievement, leadership potential, character, motivation, and career aspirations.

All Chevening Applications experience a thorough audit and determination process. Applications are, to begin with, filtered and checked by the Chevening Secretariat in London against starting qualification criteria.

Initial qualification criteria incorporate guaranteeing candidates have: An undergrad degree qualification and At slightest two years’ work experience Applications are at that point exclusively looked into by independent perusing committees who score applications against FCDO, Chevening, and territorial goals, and the potential of the candidate to meet those objectives. Reading committees need to see that candidates have: Influenced the professional proficiency of others in a professional proficient setting or deliberate association. Candidates will share their thoughts. Candidates will give at slightest one nitty gritty case of impacting others to realize something. They will prove their steps and donate subtle elements around the result. Generally, they will appear to be a genuine assurance to achieve—experience building professional connections.

Requirements of The Chevening Scholarships:

To apply, you must keep these things in your mind;

–         The applicant should remember or keep their login details safe to check the status later through their portal.

–         All of the forms and details submitted should be in English.

–         Ensure accurate details, especially your e-mail address and phone number.

–         Avoid using a public computer to fill out the form.

–         Please do not use the browser back or forward button as it can conflict with the application process; better would be to use the back and forward button provided with the form.

–         The applicant should fill out four essay-type questions; the essay should be between 100 and 500 words.

–         Remember that each session expires every 60 minutes, and the application does not autosave; each application should be saved manually. Make sure to keep your application updated before the session expires, or the unsaved entries will not be saved.

–         Make sure to attach all the related documents, including reference letters.

–         You have only one chance per year to submit your application; once you apply, you can no longer change the entries. Make sure to proofread the application thoroughly before submitting it to avoid mishaps.

Benefits of The Chevening Scholarships:

Why is the Chevening Scholarship so prestigious, and what benefits does one get? This Scholarship is given to outstanding students from around the world who have shown excellence in their academic, professional, or community activities. The Chevening Scholarship provides a monthly stipend for expenses, a tuition fee waiver, and up to £6,000 towards travel costs to and from the UK.

The Chevening Scholarships are highly competitive awards that are awarded by an independent panel of judges. They offer you one of the most prestigious scholarships available and will allow you to develop your skills, knowledge, and experience in preparation for your future career.

Chevening Scholarship is often perceived as the most prestigious scholarship because it not only covers the full tuition fee but also covers the following:

–        It covers the full master’s program tuition fee.

–        A Chevening Scholarship provides monthly pay for expenses.

–        The Chevening Scholarship covers the travel costs to and from the UK.

–        It provides an arrival allowance and the departure allowance.

–        The cost of the study visa application process.

–        A prestigious travel grant to attend Chevening events in the UK.


If you have an interest in international relations or business and are looking to further your education in the UK, we recommend applying for the Chevening Scholarships. Though competitive, the program offers valuable work experience to help you succeed professionally and gain valued skills that will make you further inexpensive in your field.

 For those Pakistani students who want to stud at one of the top universities in the world, Chevening is a great opportunity. You’ll gain education and experience that will help your career and life. If you want to make a difference in your country, this program could be for you.

Chevening is very popular in Pakistan and it is one of the largest scholarship schemes in the world. The Chevening scholarship program has helped to shape the lives of many successful people. You just need to be passionate, committed, and determined to succeed in order to apply for this program. Inventive leads, wish you very good luck with your application. Go for Chevening.

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