The University of Debrecen is the oldest higher education institution in Hungary, located in Debrecen, established in 1538. The university has a well-prevalent program, especially in the medical field. Almost 6000 international students are studying here. It is one of the research institutions of national excellence in the country offering an extensive range of educational programs in fourteen (14) faculties and twenty-four (24) doctoral schools.

Features of the University of Debrecen:

Today, the University of Debrecen is a prominent and leading university of higher education. It is not only at the head of Hungarian and worldwide education but also dynamic in the areas of innovation, research, and development, and adores successful relations with the business sector.

The ever-rotating economic and social environment needs continuous renovation from the university and there is a continuous demand to acclimate to new requirements.

The goal of the University of Debrecen is to provide the education of the next generations in collaboration with Hungarian and global partners, with excellent multidisciplinary programs, and research made on practical and versatile experience.


There are four major campuses of the University of Debrecen which are following;

  1. The main campus (the oldest one), which is the grand-home to the majority of the faculties such as Humanities, Science, Technology, Medicine, and Music.
  2. Smaller campus at Böszörményi Street. It includes the Faculty of Food Sciences, Agricultural, Environmental Management, and the Faculty of Business and Economics.
  3. The 3rd campus is at Ótemető Street, which consists of the Faculty of Engineering.
  4. The youngest campus is located on Kassai Street. It employee the Faculties of Law, Public Health, and Informatics.


National Library (located in The University of Debrecen) is the second largest library in Hungary and one of the major facility elements of the University. The library owns an enormous collection comprising of more than six million books accessible for booklovers in seven library blocks.

Sports Facilities:

At the University of Debrecen, the sports program was presented a decade ago and has helped as an ideal for sports and physical education in Hungarian higher education. It assigns great significance to student happiness and delivers sports opportunities.


Searching for the best and economical place to live is always a challenging task. At Debrecen University, you may go for rent dormitories or isolated apartments. Hostels for students are also located in the campus area and are mostly employed by foreign students.


The main goal of launching the UniBike system is to assist fellows of the university community get in touch from one campus to another campus of the university in a friendly environment manner. Those students who enroll online with their institution’s “UniPass” card are able to use the UniBike service for a one-time enrollment fee.

Student life

According to the most recent research of QS Word University Rankings, this institution is the 167th best institution on the subject of the percentage of international students.

Students are able to choose from an extensive range of extra-curricular programs.

The Faculties have a number of student clubs.

The Medical Athletic Club has well-equipped services containing basketball and tennis courts, a weight room, and an easily available swimming pool.

Student gatherings are organized regularly.

International Food Day is organized yearly, with the contribution of many students.

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