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Hungary is located in central Europe and is a land-locked country bordered by Ukraine, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Croatia, and Slovenia. Being a cultural country, it has some of the most beautiful locations in Europe like the biggest lake in central Europe Lake Balaton.

Located in the Schengen region of Europe, if you have a visa for Hungary you can freely move to other 25 countries without any visa. Budapest, one of the oldest cities in the world is located in Hungary and is also known as the city of universities because Hungary’s 90% of universities are in Budapest.

Hungary is one of the most amazing countries for students to come from all around the world for education, this diversity of students enables people from different cultures and backgrounds to gather in one place and easily adjust as Hungary is the complete package with quality education, multi-cultural environment, innovative teaching methods, affordable living, internationally recognized degrees, excellent travel opportunities with a wide range of courses taught in English which surely sweeten the deal for any student.

One of the most prominent reasons to choose Hungary as your study destination is its world rankings. Hungarian institutions have achieved a high position in many university rankings, and the degrees are recognized internationally.

Some very well-renowned inventors, artists, and Nobel Prize winners prove that the quality of education of Hungary is extremely pro-efficient.

Hungarian universities offer different quality study programs while charging affordable tuition fees. However, the tuition fees vary from university to university and degree to degree.

Average tuition fees for international students can be charged in the range of 3000 euros-10000 euros per year for bachelors and for master’s degree program Universities can be charged between 6000 euros 10000 euros per year. Medicine and dentistry are charged relatively higher around 20000 euros per year.

Hungary is one of the least expensive countries in Europe. Hungary has a pretty reasonable cost of living, making it a great destination for students on a tight budget.

Living the student lifestyle, you can manage to live with about 600 euros a month which includes rent, public transportation, food, and books. A good solid lunch costs about three to five euros which means you can get a high living standard without consuming too much money.

The capital of Hungary, Budapest is the main hub for international students. Thousands of international students come every year from all across the globe to spend a semester or two at one of the universities in Budapest.

Whether one’s at a European university wanting to come to Hungary on Erasmus, or a student from somewhere else in the world wanting to do a substitute or a summer semester, there are plenty of options. Not only is that Budapest a relatively inexpensive city but it promises to be an experience of a lifetime.

List of Universities in Hungary

Sr No.Institution Name
01The University of Debrecen
02Budapest Business School
03Budapest Metropolitan University
05International Business School

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