“Leading to a better future”

Inventive Leads -Study Abroad Consultants, Education consultants & Immigration Consultants in Lahore- is a private limited company dedicated to building a tolerant society that is knowledgeable & economically stable. We intend on doing this by making our company the most approachable kiosk for people attempting to evolve and prosper in life.

Our resolve, to create a difference in your life, stems from witnessing a tremendous amount of potential within those looking to prosper in life. We value people’s creative potential and envision a world where they have access to a range of educational, learning, and economic opportunities.

Inventive Leads strongly believe everyone has something special and we help them in identifying their niche. We want to lead others to a bright, prosperous, and peaceful future.


The motto of Inventive Leads is ‘endless opportunities and we believe in connecting students to the right opportunities by giving them a direction and a purpose to work for it. Following are the services we offer:

  1. Academic counseling: Refining the aim, identifying the course in accordance with the aim,  university selection and securing admissions.
  2. Scholarships: Assistance in identification of the most relevant scholarships, guidance for improving expression and essay preparation
  3. Career advisory: Assistance in career planning, resume writing, mastering job interviews and training for essential job skills
  4. Trainings:
  5. IELTS
  6. Build a winning resume (CV)  
  7. Job interviews
  8. Research & Surveys: Participate in researches and surveys as volunteers with us.
  9. Projecting implementable ideas:  Inventive Leads acts as a platform for youth with brilliant ideas. These ideas will be shared on our website, publications and during promotional events with the relevant authorities whenever and wherever possible.
  10. Meet industry leaders and experts: To get a firsthand review of what is required by the industry meet the industry leaders and HR experts. We will organize these meet and greet events as ice breakers for youth to interact with the industry experts.
  11. Personal mentoring sessions: In order to identify and refine your aim and pursue a career that is best suited to your abilities and liking, register for a personal mentoring session. Our experts with international exposure will help you identify your aim and assist you in making a strategy to pursue it.   
  12. Get in Top Universities of the World: We assist our clients in the application process for the top universities of the world. We also assist and guide in the relevant tests required for this.
  13. Documentation for Scholarship: We assist in the reviewing the documents for the scholarships for the applicants. This is to support the applicants who are applying their own case and just need the help with reviewing the documents.

Inventive Leads Private Limited

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