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Inventive Leads -Study Abroad Consultants, Education consultants & Immigration Consultants in Lahore- is a private limited company dedicated to building a tolerant society that is knowledgeable & economically stable. We intend on doing this by making our company the most approachable kiosk for people attempting to evolve and prosper in life.

Our resolve, to create a difference in your life, stems from witnessing a tremendous amount of potential within those looking to prosper in life. We value people’s creative potential and envision a world where they have access to a range of educational, learning, and economic opportunities.

Inventive Leads strongly believe everyone has something special and we help them in identifying their niche. We want to lead others to a bright, prosperous, and peaceful future.


The motto of Inventive Leads is ‘endless opportunities and we believe in connecting students to the right opportunities by giving them a direction and a purpose to work for it. Following are the services we offer:

  1. Academic counseling: Refining the aim, identifying the course in accordance with the aim,  university selection and securing admissions.
  2. Scholarships: Assistance in the identification of the most relevant scholarships, guidance for improving expression and essay preparation
  3. Career advisory: Assistance in career planning, resume writing, mastering job interviews, and training for essential job skills
  4. Training:
  5. IELTS
  6. Build a winning resume (CV)  
  7. Job interviews
  8. Research & Surveys: Participate in research and surveys as volunteers with us.
  9. Projecting implementable ideas:  Inventive Leads acts as a platform for youth with brilliant ideas. These ideas will be shared on our website, publications, and during promotional events with the relevant authorities whenever and wherever possible.
  10. Meet industry leaders and experts: To get a firsthand review of what is required by the industry meet the industry leaders and HR experts. We will organize these meet and greet events as ice breakers for youth to interact with industry experts.
  11. Personal mentoring sessions: In order to identify and refine your aim and pursue a career that is best suited to your abilities and liking, register for a personal mentoring session. Our experts with international exposure will help you identify your aim and assist you in making a strategy to pursue it.   
  12. Get in Top Universities of the World: We assist our clients in the application process for the top universities of the world. We also assist and guide in the relevant tests required for this.
  13. Documentation for Scholarship: We assist in reviewing the documents for the scholarships for the applicants. This is to support the applicants who are applying for their own case and just need help with reviewing the documents.

If you are looking for the best, leading, and reliable study abroad and immigration consultants in Lahore, Pakistan, then you land at the perfect place.

Studying at your favorite and the best university is the main attraction for undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate scholars. Each year, thousands of students go abroad to different countries to continue their higher studies programs.

Studying abroad enables you an open and vast-minded international citizen, assists you in getting the best skills and knowledge, and polishes your skills to get a top role in famous multinational companies.

The Best Education Consultants in Lahore:

Inventive Leads, Study abroad and Immigration, understand and appreciate your vision and goals of studying abroad, and help you to achieve your future goals to get a bright future. This is why, we, Inventive Leads, take it our own responsibility to assist students by realizing their aim of studying abroad.

“Inventive Leads” is one of the leading study abroad and immigration consultants in Lahore, Pakistan. We support and guide our students looking to get admission to international colleges and institutions across the world.

During the duration of the admission process, we train our pupils in all promising aspects.

Details about Study Abroad


The expenses of studying abroad be determined are by numerous aspects like destination city, institution fees, living budget, cost of insurance, and others.

Countries for study abroad

For studies in programs such as engineering, economics, business, Information Technology, accounting hospitality, etc. you can pick to study destination in the United Kingdom (UK) or the United States of America (USA). Although the USA is a favorite destination for higher education studies in Information Technology, there are also other states just as Australia, Canada, Hungary, Russia, Sweden, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Norway, Canada, and others, appropriate for higher studies in many programs. If you are motivated to study in New Zealand, then the programs like humanities, medicine, law, etc. are worthy selections to choose from.

Job Prospects overseas:

Many foreign countries provide students the choice to stay back for searching job prospects when they complete their studies. The internships are offered during the period of study. It may be a good mode to hunt and link for employment.

Our Study Abroad services

A few of highlighted our services of study abroad and Immigration are the following;

Counseling for overseas education:

We, at Inventive Leads, guide and assist students to make a well-versed decision about the appropriate degree program and institution in a foreign country. Our admission consultants help at each stage from shortlisting the best institutions among a wide variety of sets available to making sure that you perform the best in your selected career no matter you are interested in studying in Hungary or studying in Canada. That is why, we are known as one of the best education consultants in Lahore, Pakistan.

Test preparation by Study abroad and immigration consultants in Lahore:

One of the following tests must be cleared with good grads

  • SAT
  • GMAT
  • GRE

These tests are essential to continue studying in foreign universities. But not for all universities these tests are required. Our experienced consultants pay special attention to the individual students so that they surpass in every phase of the test they are given.

We assist our students in test preparation through well-researched materials and data. A number of mock tests are taken to prepare the students comprehensively.

Admission Assistance:

Writing an inspiring application for admission to a foreign institution can boost your chances of victory. Our professional study abroad consultants assist you to make a precise resume, an appropriate Statement of Purpose, Motivation Letter, Essays, etc. showing your dynamic personality and increasing your chances of selection.

Studt Visa Processing by Study Abroad Consultant in Lahore

Inventive Leads has a unique reputation as study visa consultant. Complete and successful visa processing is also a big challenge. The visa processing is diverse for different countries and, sometimes, very difficult. As a professional study abroad consultant in Lahore, we help you to obtain your visa clearance very easily and within a specific time.

Why Inventive Leads as Study Abroad and immigration Consultants in Lahore?


We, “Inventive Leads, Study abroad & Immigration consultants in Lahore”, have a highly qualified team with a thoughtful subject matter.

  • Personal guidance and attention
  • Reasonable packages
  • Worldwide tie-ups with a lot of leading institutions to deliver easy access to the admission of our students.
  • Inventive Leads assist you to complete the procedures for getting a lot of types of scholarships.
  • End-to-end services such as visa clearance, air tickets, job hunting, somewhere to stay, and legal issues.
  • Among all the study abroad consultants and immigrants, Inventive Leads enjoys a Label of trust and belief with a 100% success rate.

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