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How to Write a Killer Personal Statement?

How to Write a Killer Personal Statement?

The transcriptions are printed, the passports are renewed; the mandatory photographs are taken and the application preliminary details are filled. So what is next?

The next step entails tackling the mammothic task of writing an appropriate and noteworthy essay. Applicants are often stumped in this process and cannot comprehensively express themselves. It is imperative for them to possess an ample and reasonably sound vocabulary to effectively enunciate their strengths. The most important factor is to NOT be intimidated by competition or sample essays!

Academic experts of the UCAS Review Board believe that a compelling and well worded personal statement can have a huge impact on a successful admission rate. The candidate’s transcript records and International Language test scores (for international candidates) may be a contributing factor however your personal statement should be a reflection of YOU!


Grab Their Attention:

A successful statement aims to engage the review committee and compels them to read further. It is crucial to conjure an opening statement that grasps your reader’s attention and effectively reflects the crux of your journey.

The first paragraph aims to create a tone and mood of your personal story, a basic structure of your essay upon which you will build your case and introduce yourself to the committee.

Delve Deep Into Your Strengths:

The body of the essay should elaborate on your professional achievements and highlight your interest in the program you wish to pursue. The essay must reflect your accomplishments so far, and your interest in the indicated program as a result of it. Candidates must structure their story that allows them to be candid about their journey and personal setbacks.

The examination committee seeks strong applicants capable of withstanding adversities and with dynamic display of leadership qualities. Applicants must enunciate their intended degree program and why they are suitable for admission. Those seeking admission in a technical program can capitalize on scientific and logical lexicon to substantiate their case.


Personal Interests are a Must!

Most candidates tend to just focus on professional accomplishments while ignoring ‘soft’ skills and other interests. It reflects well to the reader, if the candidate comes off as all rounder who displays versatility in nature.

Pacing is the key!

Balancing professional pursuits, aspirations and accomplishments with interests spells as a strong and capable candidate.

A Winning Essay!


 The best essays require a proper outline. All essays must begin with a strong introduction followed by a handful of well structured paragraphs.


  1. Begin your story with a brief introduction of yourself and your intended major.
  2. Your narrative must reference your program. How does it all relate?

Body of the text:

  1. Give insights into your background, something that stands out.
  2. How do the mentioned qualities relate to the program requirements?
  3. Be concise.
  4. Personal stories, accomplishments and overcoming adversities are fan favorites.
  5. Have you managed to overcome financial/ emotional crisis? What did you learn while managing and solving the problem?
  6. Do you have something interesting or unique that makes you stand out?
  7. You can mention long term plans aspirations and future pursuits upon your return to your home country (the latter reflects well, makes the candidate sound philanthropic).


  1. How will acquiring your degree help you!
  2. How will it affect your studies and help you reach your goals?
  3. Summarize and reiterate all your strengths highlighting the very best of you with a flourish!


Brush Up on Your Vocabulary!


While impeccable language and flawless expressions are preferred, the most important factor is to construct coherent and comprehensive sentences! The essay must be host to a variety of appropriate and strong words describing your story and accomplishments, while making use of effective grammar and punctuation.

A poorly constructed essay will only reflect badly on the candidate irrespective of their abundant experience. The candidate must take measures in constructing a logically sound, coherent essay that reflects them in the best way possible!

So sharpen your pens (polish the keyboards) and start writing!

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