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Why Study in Europe?

Why Study in Europe?

There are many benefits of acquiring higher education in Europe such as:

  • Universities in Europe provide qualitative higher education and are known for highly academic standards. Thirty one universities of the world are ranked in world’s top 100 universities as listed by The Times in its 2012 World Universities Rankings.
  • Tuition fee in European universities is fairly moderate and sometimes there is no tuition fee for international students as well. One just has to afford his/her living expenses.
  • Secondly, there are different language spoken in Europe such as German, French, Spanish, English or Italian therefore international students have the opportunity to learn a foreign language and interact in a multicultural environment.
  • European universities offer a great variety of programs , there are over 4000 universities which offer wide range of courses at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral level. It is not difficult to find a course of your choice in Europe.
  • Universities in Europe welcome students from all over the world despite of their ethnic backgrounds. This system promotes an exciting and diverse culture rich in innovation and uniqueness, which helps international students to immerse themselves with a great wealth of different traditions and heritage.
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