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Study in Sweden- September 2019 intake

Study in Sweden- September 2019 intake

Study in Sweden- September 2019 intake

Sweden is known as the most beautiful country of the Europe because this beautiful country has
greenery, mountains, lakes, rivers and beaches. It is really a place with exceptional, fascinating
history, full of cultural wonders and traditions. Students from all over the world come to Sweden.
Now days around 42000 students of other countries are studying in Sweden. If you are looking for
country with best universities and exciting places to visit then you should choose Sweden as your
destination because Sweden has top ranked universities and rich land with mountains, rivers, lakes
and greenery. Many universities continue to offer a ton of English-taught courses, more and more
students are finding interesting options there. But if you decide to go there, you’ll find a huge,
exciting community of international students just like you.
World Ranking for most Universities in Sweden are very high so Sweden is the best destination for
international students who wants to study abroad in Europe. Sweden is one of the least expensive
countries in Europe, with low living expenses, and Swedish universities offer different quality study
programs while charging average tuition fees. 

Universities in Sweden:
Sweden has lot of top ranked universities which are offering various programs in English for
international students, if you wish to study in Sweden for September 2019 intake, we can get you admission in the following universities:

  • Jonkoping University
  • Dalarna University
  • Linkoping University
  • Linneaus University

Tuition fees:
Tuition fees in universities of Sweden are low and affordable. There are some public universities not
charging tuition fees to students but some top ranked private universities are too much expensive in
Sweden. Average fees for international students in the public universities are 8000-12000 euros per
year. In private universities average tuition fees are in the range of 12000 to 18000 euros per year
and some private universities’ average tuition fees are more than 20000 euros per year. 

Language of instruction:
If you are applying in English degree program then you have to provide required result of English
proficiency certificate like IELTS and TOEFL. Result requirements in IELTS varies with the courses and
universities. Usually the minimum scores that Swedish universities ask for is between 6 – 7 bands in
IELTS tests.

Admission possible without IELTS is Engineering and IT related courses

Work opportunity:
Living expenses depend on the areas but on average living expenses are 800-900 euros per month.
Rent, food, transport and other leisure activities cost are included in these expenses. To meet their
living expense International students are allowed to works 20 hours per week during the term and
full time during the gap between in terms.

Admission requirements:
The basic requirements for admission in bachelor’s and master’s degree programs is the student’s
completion of his/her higher secondary education. The requirement of admission in master’s
program is a bachelor’s degree. The prerequisite to follow on PhDs degree is master’s degree.


16th January, 2019

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