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Study in UK

The United Kingdom, Birthplace of Shakespeare, is the second top study destination for students all around the world and is most sought after for its highest quality educational system that is a force to be reckoned with. To graduate from an institution in the UK is a dream of many students every year and a UK degree makes an individual instantly attractive in the eyes of the employers. Would you like to study in the UK and enjoy a unique student experience like no other? Read on to find out exactly why you should study in the UK.

Length of time for a degree:

Unlike the US, degree programs in the UK take less time to complete with about a year less than the US system for a Bachelor’s degree. Courses of study are shorter in the UK because the courses are intensively focused then in the US. The general emphasis in the UK is on the depth of the field chosen, getting a very thorough understanding of your chosen subject. This means that unlike the US where you can declare your major at the end of first or second year and study subjects outside of your chosen field, in the UK you have to decide your major before applying and education is focused mainly around the chosen field of education. The Masters in the UK also takes typically a year to complete than the two in the US.

Curriculum organization:

In the UK, most of the schools are lecture-based with occasional assignments throughout the semester and in any cases, there may not be any actual assignments and total marks based on one final exam. For students especially from Pakistan, who have been studying in a UK style education system in their home country would find it easier to study in the UK.

Tuition fee Structure:

The tuition fee of Bachelors and Masters program ranges between £12000- 22000 per year depending on your course and university.

Work opportunity:

International students in the UK are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during school term and up to full-time when school is out of term.

The following universities in UK are offering number of undergraduate and post graduate studies, if you want to get admission in following university, please contact us:

  King’s College London

  Queen Mary University of London

  City University of London

  Goldsmiths University of London

  St.George’s University of London

  Coventry University

  Newcastle University

  University of East Anglia

  Queen’s University Belfast

  University of Bradford

  University of Dundee

  Manchester Metropolitan University

  Glasgow Caledonian University

  University of Buckingham

  University of Essex

  University of Leicester

  University of Northampton

  Sheffield Hallam University

  Regents University London

  University of Birmingham (Undergraduate only)

  CASS Business School

  University of the Arts London (Foundation Only)

  Regent’s University London

   Queen’s University Belfast

  University of Bournemouth

  University of Brighton

  University of East London

  University of Hertfordshire

  London Metropolitan University

  Manchester Metropolitan University

  Middlesex University

  The University of Law

  Sheffield Hallam University

  Swansea University

  Bangor University

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