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Why Study in Netherlands?
There are too many reasons you should consider to  study in Netherlands but here are the most significant reasons for studying in Netherlands.
• Though Netherlands is non-English speaking country and they have designed their higher education study programs in English language for international students. Also Netherlands is unique non speaking English country where 95% inhabitants speak English, this makes living in Netherlands easy for international students.
• Study in Netherlands is affordable as compared to UK and US, also Dutch government offers different scholarship programs for international students as well. Some of these scholarships are fully funded and some cover tuition fee. Dutch universities offer Masters and PhD programs in Management Sciences, Social Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Computer and IT, Applied Sciences and Arts.
•Living in Netherlands is also relatively low; you need 800-1000 Euros monthly to cover your expenses.
• It has a multicultural environment as students from all over the world come here for higher education. In 2014/15, international students came from 157 countries all over the world; Netherland has many student associations which help students throughout their studies.
• Due to its significant central geographical position in Europe, Netherlands is considered as a “Gateway” to Europe from where you can easily travel Paris, Brussels, Berlin or London in an hour.
• Admission process and scholarship program of Dutch Universities is highly competitive. Our company; Inventive Leads Private limited assists you through the whole application process and make sure that you secure admission in Dutch Universities. All you have to do to is, Register with us and we will be guiding you through the whole process and put in all our efforts to get you where you want to be.

Reasons to study in Netherlands

Netherlands is a small country located in Western Europe and it is bordered by Germany and Belgium. Netherlands is also known as Holland. Netherlands consists of 12 provinces and two of them named as noord Holland and zuid Holland. However, the name Holland is mostly used when all of Netherlands is meant.It is always a challenge for students to move to a different city for education but leaving your country and going abroad is a very different and difficult task as everything around you will be unfamiliar to you and you will be completely on your own out there which can be a little scary sometimes. Considering all these problems you should make sure that the country you are selecting should be suitable for you it should have quality education, a peaceful environment and above all you should easily be able to diffuse into their culture. Considering all of this Netherlands is one of the most amazing country for students to come from all around the world for education, this diversity of students enables people from different cultures and backgrounds to gather in one place and easily adjust as Netherlands is the complete package with its quality education, multi-cultural environment, affordable costs, innovative teaching methods, affordable living expense, internationally recognized degrees, excellent traveling opportunities and a wide range of courses taught in English are a few key things that will surely sweeten the deal for any student.

In year 2013 around 90,500 students from other countries were enrolled in Dutch universities which is a huge number and as majority of people living in Netherlands speak English communicating with the locals is hardly an issue. Students from different parts of the world are gathered in these institutions which makes learning more challenging and more competitive and with so many cultures around you will learn a great deal about other parts of planet Earth. Studying in Netherlands will give you an exposure to compete with the finest minds in the world and it will give you a chance to prove your potential in a diverse and competitive environment.

Tuition fees in Netherlands for international students is little higher than European students. The fees for international students are not too much high as compared to other European universities. We are providing you the estimated tuition fees of public universities. However, the tuition fees vary to university to university and degree to degree. Average tuition fees for international students can be charged in the range of 6000 euros-15000 euros per year for bachelors and for master’s degree program Universities can be charged between 8000 euros 20000 euros per years. International students living and studying in Netherlands spend 700-1300 euros/month. It includes food, rent, public transport, books and other leisure activities.

As leisure and adventure is a major part for students to make sure they are relaxed enough to focus all there energy on studies and once done with exams you can treat yourselves with some excitement, Netherlands has all the right places for students to blow off steam and relax themselves and have some fun. In holidays you can go for a trip to European countries or you can see the beauty of Netherlands itself as it has a lot of natural beauty and also many exotic resorts for tourists.

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