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Germany is the most popular European Union state; be it culturally or economically. Germany provides high quality education to local and international students and an access to other EU-states which attracts considerable amount of students from across the globe to study in Germany.

Tuition Fee:

Germany offers students an opportunity to gain tremendous academic experience on a low-tuition fee and tuition free structures. Therefore if you want to study in Germany, tuition fee for low tuition fee institutes amounts up to 500-1500 Euros/semester. Once a student is successful in securing admission, it is compulsory to show expenses for visa purpose. This includes opening of account in Deutsche bank amounting to (around 9000 EURO).

Language of Instruction:

Language barrier being a concern for many students, German institutes offers more than 500 English-taught programs; be it bachelors, masters and PhD. Students are required to show a command of language in the program they intend to pursue.

For this purpose IELTS with a minimum score of 6.5 with no band less than 6.0 is required.

Admission Requirements:

  • For admission to a Bachelor’s program, school leaving certificate (A-levels or Matriculation) with above average grades is required
  • For admission to a Master’s program and PhD program, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is required.

Depending on the profile of an applicant, students can not only study in Germany on tuition free or on a low-tuition basis but can also apply for scholarship. This depends the most on the applicant’s profile, the institute and the program a student decides to enroll in.

Study Intakes:

German Institutes offer two study intakes:

  • February Intake
  • October Intake

Available Programs:

Following programs are available for study in Germany:

  • Business and Economics (International Business, Finance, Management)
  • Architecture (Urban design, Landscape architecture, monumental Heritage, Inregrated Urbanism
  • Engineering and Computer Sciences (Renewable Energy, Material Sciences, Software Engineering, Data Sciences, Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, Power Engineering, Energy, Transport Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Signal Processing, Water Process Engineering, Automation, Biomedical Engineering, Computational Engineering, Wind Engineering)
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (Media studies, Anthropology, Journalism, International Relations, Public Health, public policy, governance and Development studies)
  • Law
  • Language and Cultural Studies
  • Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (Agriculture, crop sciences, animal sciences, Horticulture, Environmental sciences)
  • Arts and Fashion
  • Natural, Applied and Life Sciences (Microbiology, Molecular biology, molecular medicine, Ecology, Life Sciences, Biochemistry, bioinformatics)

Can You WORK during your studies? 

Yes, you can. International students can work up to 20 hours per week during their semester and full time during vacation. You can earn around 6-8 Euros per hour in Germany and you can easily manage your accommodation their.

Why you should go to Germany for further education?

Germany is situated in the central Europe. It is bordered by Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, the North Sea, and the Baltic Sea. Germany has one of Europe’s largest nations, with the largest population. Germany’s economy is highly developed in international market. It has biggest economy In the Europe and 5th largest by gross domestic product (GDP) in the world. Universities in the Germany are famous for best education system.

Germany is one of the most popular places among international students across the globe. This country provides the most economic and friendly education system for these students. German universities offer splendid education and research positioning which is counted among the best on the globe. One can earn a degree recognized worldwide, which provides one with various prospects on the work market.

If you want to get yourself a foreign degree, then Germany is the best destination for your purpose because German universities are very reputable worldwide and fee structures are quite a much affordable in this country for international students. There are hundreds of universities in Germany that have different courses with very low tuition fees for students that come from overseas.

German institutes offers more than 500 English taught programs in Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD for these international students. After studying, you can get jobs easily in Germany. Research surveys reveal that 70% of the international students prefer to stay in Germany after they finish their studies.

Public universities are financed by the government of Germany so tuition fee in public institutions is zero. If you want to study in public university so it’s totally free for all students. Private universities charge for different programs around 15000 euros per year.

The cost of surviving, on an average, is around 700-800 Euros including food, rent, transport, the stuff you need to study and leisure activities. To meet their living expenses, international students are allowed to work 20 hours per week during their degrees and full time during vacations.

In comparison to other countries, Germany is a safe country. You can move freely in town or in the rural area, by day or by night, you can move around freely. Germany offers constancy in financial and political sectors, which makes it the best place for you to study.

You can locate the brilliant and decent variety that Germany brings to the table. When you require time off from your studies, there are a million different ways of discovering more about this nation. For instance, you can go to an exhibition hall, a silver screen or a theatre, you can visit larger national parks, you can swim in a lake, you can go for a walk on a shoreline, visit an old castle or even go hiking.

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