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Study in Finland

Study in Finland
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Study in Finland:

Finland, a part of the European Union, is a beautiful country with many national parks and ski resorts is located in study in finlandNorthern Europe bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia. Studying in Finland can prove to be an enjoyable experience, if planned right. Finland has many top ranked institutions that offer quality education and experience of a rich culture. Planning to study in Finland does not have to be a daunting task as the requirements for admission to degree programs are specific and easier. The main thing to note is that there are not many degree programs taught in English, most of them being in Finnish or Sweden.

Study in Finland- Bachelors and Masters program:Study in Finland

For Bachelor degree programs, the admissions committee looks at a the high school leaving certificate recognized for admission in the applicant’s home country. It is important to note that higher education in Finland is divided into two institutions: University of Applied Sciences and University studies. University of Applied Sciences (UAS) offers 100 bachelor degree programs taught in English which includes practical on-the-job training as well, whereas, University Studies offer 3 years of intermediate bachelor courses with thesis, and University of Applied Sciences is the one which provides the finland1bachelor level studies taught in English instruction. Entrance exams are required for entrance to Bachelor degrees that depend on the programs chosen. Tuition fees for international undergraduate students in Finland is around 4000 EUR- 20000 EUR.
For Masters degree programs, admission requirements are bachelors degree, and 3 years of work experience after bachelors which can be replaced with portfolios of artistic activities and merits in case of Fine arts and Theater subjects. Entrance exams are not common for Masters but may be required for arts related subjects in University of applied sciences. As for admission to different programs such as Medicine, they are mainly available infinlanddd Finnish or Swedish with a few programs taught in English language. For degree programs taught in English, applicants may require to submit their English proficiency test scores ( IELTS OR TOEFL), however, there is no single test score for either of the tests and eligibility depends on each university’s requirement. Top ranked universities for Masters in Finland like University of Helsinki and Aalto University, cost 10000 EUR to 15000 EUR  for international students with an average living expenses estimate of around 700 EUR to 900 EUR.
Work Hours:study in finland
Work-study or part-time work is allowed for international students with minimum hours not exceeding 25 hours a week.
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