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Study in Austria – Scholarships



Study in Austria

Beautiful view of famous Schonbrunn Palace with Great Parterre garden in Vienna, Austria

Do you want to study in Austria? Yes ! Well you have come to the right place.  There are great opportunities for anyone wishing to pursue postgraduate study in Austria  .

Why You Should Consider Austria for Studying?

Austria is a beautiful country with amazing landscapes and lovable culture. If you are considering studying abroad,  to study in Austria can be a good choice for that. There are plenty of reasons why is that so:

Austria has an image of being highly expensive country for tourism as it capital city; Vienna belongs to the one of the most expensive European capitals. However something that surprises people is that study in Austria is very economical.  The tuition fee is totally free for European students and Non-European students have to pay relatively low fees in Austrian public universities.

Tuition fee in most of the universities is about 300 to 3000 Euros per semester. Austria has a wide range of choices of higher education and it offers many interesting courses for students. Universities in Austria offer wide range of Masters Program such as International Business, International Management, Mechanical Engineering, Tourism Management, Public Health, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Sciences, Computer Sciences, Media and Design etc. Before leaving for Study in Austria, its better if you learn basic German languages because there is relatively low number of English courses are offered, although they offer great opportunities to learn German language.

If you are not from European country and intend to stay in Austria for more than six months, you need to apply for residence visa and permit and it’s preferable to apply for visa before five months of your visit. Most of students do part time jobs to bear their finances in different service sectors from 8-30 hours a week. Depending upon their academic performance and financial background, many students get scholarship through different scholarship programs in Austria.

As a country, Austria is listed as one of 15 countries with the highest qualities of life worldwide, so while you are making up your mind for studying abroad, don’t over look this option to study in Austria!

Admission process of Austrian Universities is highly competitive especially in those universities which have relatively low fee structure. Our company; Inventive Leads Private limited assists you through the whole application process and make sure that you secure admission in Austrian Universities.  All you have to do to is, Register with us!

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