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[icon_box title =”Scholarships” text=”You have reached to one of the the best study abroad consultant Islamabad. You can have your chance to study abroad . Every year hundreds of scholarships are announced for almost every field across the world specifically targeting the developing countries. . A few famous scholarships are known to general masses and therefore are fiercely competed whereas other international scholarships that are fully funded (i.e. covers tuition, accommodation and living expense for the duration of the degree) are left out. Inventive leads is cosidered one of the best study abroad consultant Islamabad.

Research suggests two major reasons for disqualification are competition and low quality write-ups. We help address both of these concerns. The first step is the selection of a suitable scholarship that best matches your academic profile and requirements. Our experts keep a track of various scholarships that are available across globe, most of which are not advertised in Pakistan. The candidate’s profile is then matched with the best possible options after which instead of one we recommend to make around 3 applications.

Secondly, we offer guidance and support on how to improve expression and how to express in a better way. Our experts work with you to prepare you for the competition. We closely monitor the requirements of the scholarships and then guide our clients accordingly to address all these requirements in their write-ups. It is pertinent to note that these essays play a decisive role in the selection process, and therefore it is of utmost importance that these essays are clear, concise and comprehensive.

We are confident that by applying these skills the candidate will successfully secure a scholarship of their choice which is why we only charge in case of a successful application. If the application is unfortunately unsuccessful, the entire amount besides the registration fee is fully reimbursed.You can have your chance to study Abroad  you just have to Reach out to Inventive leads, the best study abroad consultant islamabad!” link_title=”More Info” target=”_self” style=”centered” animated=”yes” animation_delay=”100″ icon=”fa-star”]


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