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IELTS in Islamabad / Rawalpindi

IELTS is abbreviated as the International English Language Testing System, and as many would be aware, it is the most important English language proficiency demonstration test for admission to colleges and universities abroad. Every year, many students all over the world take IELTS to prove their proficiency as part of their admission application process, in the hopes of securing a place in the University of their choice. While you are initially thinking about taking the test, you may be shuddering with fear about what happens on the exam or you may just be confused about the structure of it. In any case, let us tell you the most important thing: IELTS is NOT difficult to study. That’s right, it is not like any other test you’ve been taking in your life, and the one thing to remember about it, is that the examiners only test your language command and the structure of your language, not your ideas. There are no right or wrong answers on IELTS, and you will get some marks as long as you adhere to the right structure, that is, an introduction, a body, the conclusion, the link among these three, and the time you take to answer the questions.

IELTS consists of 4 sections:

  • Listening: 4 small tasks
  • Writing: 2 small tasks
  • Reading: 3 or 4 small tasks
  • Speaking: 3 small tasks

That’s it. The moment you understand exactly what goes on in each of the 4 sections, nobody can stop you from improving your score and eventually do well on the real exam. We’re here to accompany you in your journey of preparing and taking the IELTS, and give a helping hand wherever you need it.

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