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Will be the premier non-public land owner in the region at thirteen million acres. Has supported MTNHP with supplemental main funding and with lobbying in the Montana legislature. Forest land homeowners certify their forest administration procedures under the Sustainable Forest Initiative and this adds benefit to their timber.

Works throughout eighteen states and the Heritage Program in Montana is the finest that they offer with. Has collaborated with Heritage on bat acoustic checking and Plum Creek has persuaded Stimson and Stolz timber companies to install acoustic monitoring devices on their lands as perfectly.

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Helped join Heritage with the SFI implementation committee and Montana Forest Land Owners in basic Heritage has presented presentations to the Montana Forest Council, Montana Wooden Goods Association, plantidentification and to timer land owners that attended the Montana Forest Land Proprietors Convention in Helena in 2015. Also served link Heritage with the Montana Wooden Merchandise Association for lobbying in assistance of the Heritage program in the Montana Point out Legislature. The Character Conservancy – Brian Martin. Need stream data for local climate resiliency. Water quantity for individuals and agriculture.

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On land facet, the 50 % million dollar conservation fund for Increased Sage-Grouse could be a doable source of funding for land protect layer for use in the disturbance and habitat top quality applications. TNC will have a assortment of land conservation easement initiatives that he may perhaps be equipped to develop Heritage into. Will need to crosswalk with Elaine from Montana Affiliation of Conservation Districts. DEQ – Lynda Saul, Mike Glenn. Really recognize target on wetland and riparian mapping. We never want to reduce capability for wetland and riparian mapping. Would like to see additional effort and hard work with how to hold h2o on the landscape, primarily along the traces of beaver reintroduction.

Would like to chat with us about what Heritage will set in for on the next EPA wetland grant method grants cycle. Require outreach to conservation districts, drinking water districts, Montana Association of Planners. Use Heritage facts for open up minimize mines, coal mines and quite satisfied with fast reaction situations.

Has really appreciated bat trainings and bat acoustic monitoring.

Would like to stage out that DEQ mine program has been performing on sagebrush restoration on coal mine restoration initiatives for many years now and there could be classes they have discovered in individuals restoration initiatives that would be of assistance to sagebrush local community restoration initiatives. Need to have to crosswalk veg and wildlife details gathered on coal mines with MTNHP. Did this in the past with wildlife details. Catena Consulting – Pete Feigley. New proposed website equipment are pretty interesting to him Need to have to offer training and assistance to consultants so that details is additional likely to be utilised in an suitable fashion. Has been given Increased Sage-Grouse Position facts from FWP in a timely way not long ago. Five Valley’s Land Have faith in – Jennie Tollefson. Use Heritage information to recognize challenge requires and benefit of projects in get to get funding for conservation easements. Need facts and scientific experience Intrigued by how land trusts could work with Heritage data at the rear of the scenes Teaching for land trusts in how to use Heritage knowledge would be of wonderful fascination. Montana Audubon – Amy Seaman.

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