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Immigrate to Canada

Immigrate to Canada:
Despite weathering tough social and political challenges, Canada has sustained a positive
image of its immigration system and is one of the top countries to migrate to for many around
the world. Canada has had a long history of immigration and over the years has welcomed a
large number of immigrants proving that the country wholeheartedly embraces diversity in all
forms. In this blog, we will share the basic eligibility criterion to help you decide about your
future course.
Following are the main factors that are considered for skilled immigration to Canada. The
candidate has to score an optimum score in each of the factor to be eligible to be selected for
Canadian immigration. The factors are as follows:
1. Age
2. Experience
3. Education
5. Arranged employment
6. Adaptability
The process of skilled immigration is as follows:
1. Education Credential Assessment (ECA): foreign degrees will need to be verified for
validity and for establishing equivalency to the Canadian education
2. Express Entry Profile: To be able to enter Canada as a skilled immigrant, candidates
must use the Express Entry System. Eligibility is reviewed once a free online Express
Entry Profile is created and submitted on the website
3. If an applicant is found eligible and is over the cut off score then an Invitation To
Apply (ITA) is issued.
4. In the subsequent final stage, applicants finally apply for the Permanent Resident
Card (PR)
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