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Didn’t Get That Internship? Here’s Probably Why.

Didn’t Get That Internship? Here’s Probably Why.

Didn’t Get That Internship? Here’s Probably Why!

We all know how important internships are, especially when you’re in university. That little bit of work experience you get looks great on a CV. But then it happens that you don’t get that internship, or you don’t get any of the ones you applied to. They’re gone. What now?

Well, it could be that maybe they picked a candidate they believed was better. Or maybe there’s a chance you got something wrong, best to not ignore that fact after all. So then, if you did mess up your application, here’s a few things you could have possibly gotten wrong.


That Curriculum Vitae

This is where your fight for an internship really starts. Think of your CV as your armor and blade, it’s basically ‘the’ first impression you’ll give. Your CV is you, and if you’re CV’s not good enough, well then there’s a chink in that armor, friend. Maybe it wasn’t formatted right. Maybe you had some spelling errors, or many. You have to make sure your CV meets standards, and professionals look for a lot of standards to compare with. And please, PLEASE make sure your Email address isn’t something like hyperxprinsez or ov3rki11. That’s just wrong.


The Interview – Your Timing

So, nailing the interview is an absolute must. You have to be the best version of yourself that you possibly can, and you must project that version of you. If the CV was your armor, then the interview will be your very heart and soul. And like any fight, timing is important. You see, your interview doesn’t start when you first greet the interviewer, it starts five minutes before the time they’ve allotted you. Your interviewer is there, waiting, looking at the clock, preparing what they’re going to ask you. And they’re still there a minute after. Even five. But by then it’s a bit too late. If you think five minutes isn’t a long time, then you’re wrong. You’ve already failed your first test by not being punctual. You took a big blow, and that’s one chance ruined pretty badly.


The Interview – Your Attitude

Okay, so you did make it to the interview on time! Or you were there and ready half an hour before they wanted you to be. Great! But then, you still didn’t get selected. See, getting that internship is really a whole bunch of stepping stones. Some potentially treacherous stepping stones, actually. And one of these stones is how you present yourself. Talk too much and that’s no good; too little? Not good either. Let’s take a look at all that can go wrong in that attitude department, eh?


The biggest thing the interviewer looks for is how you present yourself. Yes, presentation is just as important here as it is when working on a CV. So you’ve got to dress walk, talk well, act well. Basically be the best ‘you’ that you can be. This is your biggest chance to pitch yourself big! But not too big, okay? See, the interviewer likes a confident candidate, but they also know when said candidate should shut-up and let the interviewer have the floor. Subsequently a very quiet candidate is not really liked at all. You’re there to prove yourself, so go do it! Just make sure you’re respectful, the interviewer in most cases is also your boss.


Alright, so you know how to talk during the interview now. Well, guess what? You talk in more ways than one. When your lips aren’t moving, your body is still communicating. Posture, your expressions, and hand movements, all of that communicates something. And hey, there’s a chance you didn’t get that internship because something negative was conveyed through one of those things. Did you look away when the interviewer was talking to you? Fiddle with something? Scratched your chin? Anything that displays distraction or a lack of attention counts against you.


Salary? Pay? Okay.

Here’s another internship deal breaker in a lot of cases. See, not all internships are paid, but candidates often prefer getting paid. I mean, who wouldn’t? Well, sometimes if an internship has an opportunity of pay, there’s a chance your employer will ask you about your pay expectations. Hey, be careful here. Don’t go having any hopes of getting paid, or if you are, of getting paid high enough. There’s a chance you lost that internship because your salary demands were too high. Or that you decided to make salary demands. That happens. To be clear, a lot of internships only offer work experiences, and a little mark on your CV, they don’t pay. So don’t expect that, you’re doing this so you CAN actually get paid later.


You’re Not Alone

Exactly. You’re not the only one applying for an internship at any given time. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that. I’ll keep up with that battle theme, so if the CV was your armor, then there’s other warriors around with battle plans of their own. Sometimes you don’t get that internship just because there was someone that was better, in one way or another they were preferred over you and all the other candidates. So if you didn’t get it, hey, you’re not the only one. BUT if you’re trying to get it, then you’re not the only one either.


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