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Study in Norway

Study in Norway

Norway is the northernmost country in Europe and includes different variety of natural scenery. Norway is well known for its fjord coastline, mountains, unique coastal life, and midnight sunlight during summer and brilliant Winter Olympics performance. Norway is rich with oil and gas reservoirs, that’s way Norway has 50% more GDP per hour than the UK and one of the highest standards of living. It’s also a best place for international study. Norway offer a good selection of universities and four universities are included in the QS world universities ranking 2018.

One of the biggest reason to choose Norway as your destiny is that tuition free universities. Public universities of Norway are tuition free while certain universities charge for some programs. A small semester fee of around 50 EUR per semester is charged from students. Therefore, the students are exposed to quality education in a foreign land at minimal rates. However, private universities are not offering tuition free programs. The tuition fees of private universities in Norway are low as compare to other universities of Europe.  They charge same tuition fees to both local and international students. The average tuition fees range between 8000 euros to 10000 euros per year.

As a student in Norway, the students get to enjoy high living standards. Because of this students find their stay comfortable in their study destination. Besides, Norway happens to be one of the safest countries in the European continent. There is a very low crime rate and thus, the students don’t have to worry about their safety. As per 2018 happiness report Norway is the happiest place on earth which means students in Norway can focus their studies without any worry.



While Norwegian is Norway’s primary language and English is a predominant as the country’s second language. Norwegians began studying Norwegian in primary school and they also study English as secondary language but 90% of the population of Norway can speak in English. While speaking the local language is always a plus point but it’s entirely possible to live in Norway without knowing a word of Norwegian.

The Norwegian government allows international students to work for up to 20 hours per week university term and full-time during university holidays. It is, therefore, possible for the students to support their living expenses while studying in Norway because living standard in Norway is too high so it’s cost more than other countries of Europe.

As leisure and adventure is a major part for students to make sure they are relaxed enough to focus all there energy on studies and once done with exams you can treat yourselves with some excitement, Norway has all the right places for students to blow off steam and relax themselves and have some fun. In holidays you can go for a trip to European countries or you can see the beauty of Norway itself as it has a lot of natural beauty and also many exotic resorts for tourists. Bergen, Tromso, Oslo the capital, The Stavanger region, The Geiranger fjord and The Lofoten Islands, these are some best places to visit in Norway.

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