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About Inventive Leads | Study Abroad

Study Abroad We Are Passionate. We Are Committed. We Are Creative.

Inventive Leads aims to target this populace and provide them with opportunities of quality education within the country and study abroad. We also assist budding entrepreneurs and mid career professionals to refine and pursue their aim.

Our resolve to create a difference in your life stems from witnessing a tremendous amount of potential within those looking to prosper in life. We are confident that every human being’s unbridled ambition accompanied with guidance and counselling can spell triumph. There are a wealth of opportunities that lie unexplored waiting to be availed. During each of our counselling session, we help people locate these opportunities, sometimes retrieving them from within these talented and gifted individuals who eventually learn how to profit from them. The gap between a person wallowing in self-doubt and failures and an assortment of endless possibilities however wide can be filled with the right kind of assistance. We provide it every day to countless individuals who embark on a journey of self-discovery only to achieve excellence. This in turn will benefit our communities as more informed and knowledgeable people contribute their share towards a stable, peaceful and prosperous society.

Pakistan is one of the countries having the lowest ratios of people having access to higher education within the country. Having more than 60% youth in population, this makes a huge number of potential candidates for studies abroad. That is the reason why Pakistan has been rated highest among the countries with the students acquiring education from foreign colleges and universities. This culture has boosted since the last few decades with an enormous increase in the number of students every year.

There are so many opportunities that go waste because people don’t know about them and similarly there are so many people who lead a life far below their potential because they are unable to identify and tap the opportunities. We envision Inventive Leads as a platform to connect such people to the available opportunities to make the society prosperous, optimist and peaceful.

Inventive Leads vision is to contribute in every possible way for a knowledgeable, economically stable and peaceful society.

We want to be the most approachable kiosk for people attempting to evolve and prosper in life. We value people’s creative potential and envision a world where they have access to a range of educational and learning opportunities. We want to make available endless opportunities for studies, scholarships, entrepreneurship and jobs. We want to help others express themselves in a better way. We want to make an international language ‘English’ common to everyone. We strongly believe everyone has something special and we help them in identifying their niche. We want to lead others to a bright, prosperous and peaceful future.


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