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7 Reasons to Choose Inventive Leads

Here's why you should come to Inventive Leads

Studying abroad sounds fantastic, a new community, a multicultural environment, and a quality education, come at the top of any student’s education wishlist. While the idea seems heavenly, the truth is it is not an easy task. The dream of studying abroad starts with a student searching for their desired courses, the universities, their requirements and documents needed, deadlines, correspondence, tests and what not, to be honest it is all too confusing and hectic for a lot of people. Not everybody is supposed to know it all when it comes to applications and admissions. Many reach out to agents and consultants for admissions help, and many do not end up getting satisfied with the work done. Inventive Leads is one of the education consultants but not just one of them when it comes to our work.

We understand that when you come to us you are giving the reigns of your future in our hands and we know how big of a responsibility that is. Your expectations, frustrations, passions and interests are our priority, and this is why we would love to share with you just some of the reasons why Inventive Leads should be your next stop on the way to another country. Oh and did we mention, we take great pride in the fact that we are not agents of words, but agents of deeds.

Let’s dive in and find out what do we do for YOU.

  1. The only one that caters to PhD’s:

A doctorate degree is the holy grail of a person’s education journey and considering the number of doctorates in our country, we are extremely delighted when PhD pursuants come to Inventive Leads. We are the ONLY consultancy that deal in PhD admissions and have been successful in helping a good number of people score their doctorate admissions. We do the work of finding the relevant faculty and department, contacting the professor and arranging a doctorate supervisor for our applicants. Then, we assist you in preparing the appropriate documents, help the applicants with their PhD proposal and secure admission to their graduate department.

  1. Budget comes first:

When you come to us and discuss your situation, one of the first things we look at even before your qualifications is your budget. We do this because we know money is one of the factors that influence your admissions decisions. We do NOT discuss what you can pay us, we do that later as your study decision is more important. Your budget will determine your course, university and whether it would be a good idea for you to apply for a need-based or a merit-based scholarship. Budget includes what you already have and your savings, what you will expect to have, your employment and your funding. We offer different options to clients who want to apply to low budget courses.

  1. NO consultancy fee for 3 COUNTRIES:

One of the great perks of making Inventive Leads your partner in your educational journey is that we do not charge consultancy fee for the BIG 3 countries:

Australia, The UK and The US. And here’s where most of the students wish to go and study. Is this reason not reasonable enough now?

  1. Our CEO, Mr Rehan is a Warwick graduate:

Okay! you might be thinking why is this a reason for you to come to inventive leads, surely our CEO is not the only one who is a graduate of a foreign university. You’re right, he is not the only one when it comes to possessing a foreign degree but he IS one of the rare ones who understand what it is like to go through the process. He makes sure that every applicant is dealt with great care, especially when it’s an applicant of Warwick as he can well specify exactly what is needed. He is also a great immigration expert and can practically take you to your dream country by just using his words to explain the process. He is kind and you’d love him.

  1. A truly friendly team:

Those who’ve entered the community of Inventive Leads guarantee that they found themselves in an atmosphere of warm camaraderie that reaches across to anyone who comes here. This is because we care a lot about our team relationship and have a level of trust and friendship that is as unshakable as a mountain. Because we all are friends and enjoy each other’s company, this shows in our external dealings and extends to our clients who will happily testify to this. The moment you step into our building, you become our friend we become your companion, and when it comes to our friends, we do not take their friendship, the bond and the trust lightly. Trust us when we say you will be in good hands.

  1. The IELTS help:

How many consultancies will give you a full-fledged IELTS course, at this time? While you’re counting, let us tell you that alongside our usual platter, you will be given a bonus course that is the course of IELTS. We have started the month-long course from December 1st so dust off that English of yours because we are going to give it some good polishing. You will be taught keeping in mind the average requirement of your chosen university or college and the curriculum will be set according to your needs. Mark your calendars!

  1. We will be the guide to your visa process:

Visa documents, financial documents, visa application, visa deadlines and visa interview. Is there anything we can’t do for you? From helping you from the first step of finding and applying to your respective visa application with deadlines in-check, to preparing you for that dreaded visa interview, let us be your guide to all things visa. We will set aside an extra time to make you ready for your interview that includes giving an idea of the structures of the visa questions and the correct ways in which you can answer them, and a heads-up of your amazing profile that we made for you, so that you can enter the room with full confidence.

The above are JUST 7 of the many reasons why you should quickly get your spot at Inventive Leads. We also provide career and education counselling, course selection and personal branding among many things, BUT, in order to know what is included in our full menu you will need to contact Inventive Leads. So what are you waiting for, the address is down below.


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